1 Hour of Bodybuilding a Week Against Headaches

1 Hour of Bodybuilding a Week Against Headaches

Bodybuilding exercises targeting the muscles of the neck and shoulders reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches.

The quality of life of people who frequently suffer from headaches (headaches) is highly impacted and their mental and physical abilities are diminished. Women would be more affected than men.

In a new study published in the journal Musculoskeletal Science and Practiceresearchers have shown that one hour of weight training a week – regardless of the distribution – can reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches by 50%. , when the exercises target the region of the neck and shoulders.

Of the various headaches, tension headaches are the most common and are often caused by tight neck and shoulder muscles. ” Among office workers with frequent neck pain, neck and shoulder muscles are thought to be the main cause of tension headaches, ” the authors explain.

People with this type of headache experience a decrease in muscle strength in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Specific training exercises involving the muscles of the neck and shoulders have been beneficial for headaches and have resulted in a reduction of up to 69% in pain intensity in the neck. In the same way, in people with neck pain, bodybuilding has reduced the pain in the neck. ” So we can assume that muscle strengthening in the neck and shoulders could be effective in reducing tension headaches as well as neck pain .”

In this randomized controlled trial of 573 office workers, the researchers evaluated the effect of different weight training programs – all of which had the same weekly duration (one hour) – on the intensity and frequency of headaches as well as on use of analgesics. The trial lasted 20 weeks. Several groups have been trained to follow various weight training programs specifically targeting the muscles of the neck and shoulders: 1) one hour once a week 2) 20 minutes 3 times a week 3) 7 minutes 9 times a week 4) 20 minutes 3 once a week without supervision. A fifth group served as a control group and did not do weight training.

The results show that participants who followed a week-long weight training program for 20 weeks halved the frequency and intensity of their headaches relative to the control group. The way in which bodybuilding time was spread over the week had no impact on the results. The use of analgesics decreased in all groups exercising except the one who did not receive supervision. Finally, the researchers found that the headaches were related to neck pain.

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