10 Foods That Not Inflate Your Belly

10 Foods That Not Inflate Your Belly

Whatever the reason or the season, you have decided to get a flat belly, and for a long time. Exit chewing gum, miracle pills, salt, soft drinks, overpriced beauty creams. Hello abs, cladding, massages and … these 10 foods particularly formidable as allies in this quest.

10 Foods That Not Inflate Your Belly

Lemon and pineapple, prunes and green tea … are part of these well-known foods that, in a certain way and under certain conditions, promote the loss of abdominal fat. But, do you know why?
And they are not the only ones … the popcorn is also effective! Hard to believe, but true.


It naturally cuts hunger, helps digest and lose weight .
 > It drains the liver, kidneys and intestines, limits flatulence and bloating, serves as an intestinal antiseptic.
How? Fresh or in the form of essential oil, as an aroma, inhalation or infusion.
Care must be exercised when it comes to essential oil, in which case care must be exercised on the dosage and the use of it should be avoided for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.


Or the perfect snack, because healthy, full and very low in calories.

> It is a matter, as everyone knows of popcorn, of a complete cereal devoid of fat and sugar. Source of fiber and antioxidant, it only wants you good.
How? Forgetting that of the cinema, the apex ray and the microwave. It is chosen homemade and little flavored. It would be too easy otherwise.


It fills, contains few calories and in the form of juice produces a laxative effect.

It is rich in protein and fiber.

How? Raw or cooked, in the form of juice, as an entry or accompaniment.
Its leaves are also consumed, like spinach.

Cayenne pepper

It provides a sensation of satiety and accelerates the burning of calories.

The capsaicin which it contains stimulates the fat burning hormones, thus accelerating the burning of calories.

How? As a classic spice, to enhance your dishes. Or sprinkle in a glass of hot or cold water. The Cayenne pepper is also in the form of capsules.

Stem of pineapple

It promotes the digestion of proteins, accelerates transit, produces a diuretic effect and acts directly on cellulite tissues.

Thanks to the enzyme which it contains: bromelain.
How? Mixed or whole (with the rest of the pineapple of course, not the stem alone)


It satisfies, has a laxative effect, boosts the transit and allows to limit the storage.

Its high content of water, potassium and minerals.

How? In the form of granite, as an entrée or dessert.
Attention: Do not (too often) mix melon, fat and protein. The marriage of the three greatly slows digestion and can cause bloating


It gives a boost to transit, helps to digest, stimulates the stomach and the liver, acts as a true appetite suppressant and slows the arrival of fats and sugars in the body.

> Thanks to its pectin, citric acid and vitamin C.
How? Pressed in juice, or infused whole in hot water.


Rich in fiber (extra laxative effect), detoxifying , satiating, it is the ally slimming and flat stomach number 1.

Its fibers lead to waste from other foods, its sugars ferment in the digestive system, boosting transit and promoting elimination.

How? In infusion, mixed, all alone.


From the same vegetal family as spinach, half leguminous half cereal, quinoa is very interesting nutritionally. Very rich in potassium and magnesium,

> Satiating, Quinoa brings vegetable proteins and fiber. Moreover, it is renowned for its good digestability. This means in clear that our intestine tolerates it very well, without swelling.
How? It can be enjoyed hot with a fillet of olive oil or a tomato sauce, or cold in salad.

Green Tea

In general, green tea is the slimming reflex that must be adopted. It promotes weight loss and abdominal fat.

> Rich in catechin (antioxidant) and in theine, it acts against fats and increases energy expenditures, helping the body to burn them. It is also diuretic and promotes the elimination of toxins.

How? In the form of an infusion.

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