Kim Kardashian impressed everyone when she lost the 50 pounds taken during her pregnancy. Her sister Kourtney boasted of losing 30 pounds in five months after the birth of her last child and using her app to deliver her best slimming advice. As for Khloé, she managed not to regain weight after her diet.

Does this make them credible slimming coaches? According to Dr. Charlie Seltzer, a weight loss specialist, these 12 Kardashian techniques to lose weight are not recommended at all.

  • Practice in a Sauna Suit.

Khloe Kardashian revealed that to sweat two to three times more during the effort, she wears a sauna suit , a combination that contains the heat of the body to burn more calories. It also drinks 2 to 3 times more water to avoid dehydration.

According to Dr. Seltzer, this technique can promote weight loss because it causes the body to eliminate more water. But the effects are temporary because when one overheats the body, one drinks more. So the weight of the water lost during the effort is immediately resumed by the water drunk.

  • Avoid foods containing mold.

According to the nutritionist Khloe Kardashian, eliminating foods like brie, camembert, blue cheeses or Sauterne wines, which contain food molds, is the best fat-burning diet that is.

For our expert, apart from the fact that blue cheeses are more caloric than hard cheeses, molds have no connection with loss or weight gain. The whole thing is to eat these foods in moderation, as always!

  • Banish dairy products.

Khloe said she lost 10 pounds in one month and a half just by eliminating dairy products from her diet.

For Dr. Seltzer, this only makes sense in the case of dairy allergy, when the organism, in contact with dairy products, reacts by retaining fluids (which can promote weight gain).

Otherwise, stopping dairy products is not recommended. Especially since the alternatives to cheese, milk and ice cream are as caloric as their original versions. They also contain less protein and nutrients, yet necessary to maintain its metabolism and boost muscle activity.

  • Have a gluten-free diet.

Again, stopping gluten has no meaning apart from a true intolerance to gluten. People who do not have digestive problems after eating pasta or bread will not lose weight by trading their habits for a gluten-free diet.

The reason ? Gluten-free foods are generally greasier and sweeter (otherwise they would not taste or consist). No one has proven to date that they promote weight loss.

  • Wear a corset.

Kim, Kendall, Kourtney and Khloe wear the corset for sports to sweat more and boost more when they feel bloated.

For Dr. Seltzer, external compression through a corset has absolutely no effect on the redistribution of fat or a possible “body contouring”. It is in fact only a cosmetic object. To refine her shape, only one good old remedy of grandmother: fitness!

  • Drink tea slimming.

Kylie Jenner often boasts the slimming benefits of her favorite brand of teas and detox herbal teas.

For our expert, none of these detox drinks directly affect weight loss. They drain and promote the elimination of water but do not make you lose de facto.

  • Allow yourself days of junk food.

Khloé Kardashian tells that she agrees from time to time “pleasure days”, during which she allows herself to eat all her favorite dishes (pizza, burger, macaroni and all the tralala).

According to Dr. Seltzer, the effectiveness of a regime can only be assessed retrospectively. If in 20 years she can always maintain her ideal weight by granting this kind of days of madness, so much the better for her. But for the expert, the best method is to eat what you want on a daily basis, provided you respect reasonable quantities.

Everything is a bit of common sense: if you eat a hearty burger-frit, a little soup and a toast of fresh cheese and turkey bread are enough for dinner. The balance, what.

  • Make slimming wraps.

Khloé Kardashian loves to wrap her belly and her thighs in slimming wraps impregnated with gel based on green tea and cocoa. This would allow him to smooth and tone her skin and erase the cellulite.

According to our expert, this technique can quite help to eliminate water stored under the skin and visually refine the body. On the other hand, it can not be enough. Someone who has 40 pounds in excess can not lose them only by wrapping themselves in cellophane! #Sorry.

  • Stop the sugar.

Kim Kardashian has lent herself to the Atkins diet to lose weight after her pregnancy. This involves removing all the carbohydrates (sugars of all kinds, white flour, white rice …) and then reintroducing them gradually into “full” version (sweet potato, whole rice …).

For Dr. Seltzer, reintroducing food that was previously banned in such a restrictive way can work … on paper! But in real life, when a person is deprived of bread when he has eaten his whole life, there is no secret: as soon as there is right again, he eats more than Of reason.

Moral history, again and again: eat of everything, with MODERATION.

  • Drink clarified butter every morning.

Kourtney Kardashian drinks clarified butter every day on awakening to better digest and burn more fat.

According to Dr. Seltzer, drinking a lipid-rich drink early in the morning is not a good idea because it represents unnecessary calories but not satisfying. Better breakfast, even without hunger, than risk a craving in the middle of the morning.

  • Drink probiotics after her sports session.

According to the expert, many people mistakenly believe that probiotic drinks improve intestinal and hormonal health, allowing better weight loss. However, the effects of these drinks are non-existent.

To soothe your muscles after a workout, it’s best to drink a protein drink.

  • Eat chia seeds as an appetite suppressant.

Kourtney Kardashian explains that chia seeds reduce her appetite by swelling in his stomach. The problem is that these seeds are high in calories. Eating chia seeds is therefore primarily nibbling.