18 Best Tips to Get Fit in 2018

18 Best Tips to Get Fit in 2018

18 scientifically proven tips and tricks (and some old proven recipes) to make 2018 a 100% fit year

1 – Calculate your “fitness age” to adapt your workouts

Norwegian researchers at the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim have developed a calculator using an algorithm to measure your cardiovascular fitness for exercise. A set of markers, such as actual age, place of residence, sex, weight, education, maximum heart rate and rest … determine the age of physical fitness. If it is much higher than your actual age, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. It’s time to go to the room.

2 – Training with more fit people than you

The observation of a partner performing an exercise better than oneself can improve their own performance by an average of 20%.

3 – When you run, fix your gaze on a distant remarkable point to reach it faster

Keep your eyes fixed on an object on the horizon like a tree or a panel and you will get there faster and with less effort than if you let your attention wander aimlessly.

4 – Use custom sports shoe soles to reduce the risk of injury

Custom insoles, prescribed by specialized doctors, reduce the force of impacts compared to standard insoles, thus the risk of trauma and injury.

5 – Stop feeling guilty about your half when you go to sport

Do not give up on your workouts because you feel selfish. The “time for oneself” that men give themselves makes them happier, and has the consequence of making couples or families happier.

6 – Push faster to beat your own record

Accelerating the push phase of the bench press results in accelerating the gain in strength.

7 – Training in the sun to slow weight gain

Moderate exposure to UV (by putting on protective cream, of course) can extract nitric oxide from the skin, which can help you lose weight and reduce the risk of diabetes.

8 – Run downhill to be twice as effective

Traction on 10% treadmills or incline increase your VO2 max and vertical relaxation capacity in half the time you do with a flat workout.

9 – Catch the handles

In the room, choose the elliptical exerciser with handles. You will recruit the muscles of the arms and you will burn more calories during your sessions.

10 – Compress to progress faster

Wearing appropriate compression garments for a few hours after an intense workout can help you recover faster and reduce muscle pain.

11 – Turn up the sound during your HIIT sessions

A good playlist has the power to boost performance. In addition, the longer you listen to music during a session, the more it will become enjoyable.

12 – Treat yourself to a “cheatday”

As long as you follow a strict diet, take a “pleasure” meal a week with whatever you like and banish from your diet. Studies show that breaking the rules once a week boosts weight loss instead of slowing it down.

13 – Do not be discouraged by a few pounds too much

No workout is futile. Even if you do not lose the weight you want, you will always have better health and a stronger heart.

14 – Over here the right “TAKE”

By taking protein (P) every day and developing a 4-hour weekly training combining resistance (R), interval (I), stretching (S) and endurance (E) – the plan “TAKING” – you can, in 16 weeks, lose up to 2.5 kg more than people who do just one type of exercise.

15 – Drink good milk

Absorbing plant milk (soy, almond, coconut, rice, oats, etc.) after a session provides better hydration, more energy and protein than ordinary sports drinks.

16 – Beyond appearances

Think that exercise also stimulates sleep, mood and memory.

17 – To lift heavier, do cardio after

Doing cardio after doing endurance exos can increase the performance in lifting weight.

18 – Training like a fighter

The varied training of martial arts specialists is by far the best. Do plyometric exercises and supersets with short rest periods initially.

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