18 Tactics to Build Muscles Easily

18 Tactics to Build Muscles Easily

It’s not cheating, it’s ingenuity. For the sake of your muscles, follow our tips and introduce these tips and tricks into your daily life.

1 – Sleep better

It is not enough to work one’s muscles in suffering, the wise man makes them under the quilt. ” The muscles regenerate twice as fast during sleep ,” says Garry O’Donnell, a sports instructor at Exeter University. If you are doing heavy weight training, add 1 hour to your sleep quota . 

2 – Lighten the weights

Warming up pliometrically (with little or no load but using the body’s rebound) helps your muscles lift more weight afterwards , so you can gain more weight in less time. ” Try to raise just 30% of your maximum capacity for 10 minutes by quickly chaining squats, deadlifts and lunges, ” advises coach Andy Wadsworth.

3 – Abuse of the sofa

” Adding an extra day of complete rest after an intense session will help you gain even more muscle , according to Nick Grantham (genr8sport.com). After a workout, your body goes into ‘muscle production’ mode for 48 hours. Interrupt it with another session and you’ll mess up a lot of the work. 

4 – Eat before

What if raising your fork helped you gain muscle? According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, you can boost your hormone production IGF-1 (involved in muscle manufacturing) by eating, 2 hours before your training, a dish of 200 g consisting of 65% carbohydrates and 35% of proteins.

5 – But digest well

Wait a good 2 hours: a study from the University of California showed that training with undigested food in the stomach could inhibit the production of this famous IGF-1 hormone by up to 54%.

6 – Less but better

” Combining movements that work the whole body 3 times a week, instead of doing more frequent sessions by working with isolated muscles, helps build muscle, ” says Jonathan Folland of Loughborough University ( UK). Marry squats, lunges and deadlifts !

7 – Be zen

Before lifting your weights, invent a mantra (muffler) to help you breathe well. ” This ritual will put you in a state of semi-hypnosis that can help increase your stamina by 20%, ” said Carole Seheult, a psychologist with British Olympic athletes.

8 – Scottish shower

Even in the shower, you can put all the chances on your side. ” After the sport, stay in a cold shower for 1 minute. Then, under hot water for 1 minute, and start again 5 times , advises Grantham. Your blood vessels dilate, then contract, remove lactic acid, accelerating muscle recovery and muscle growth. 

9 – Long live fat

” A diet that is too low in fat will reduce your testosterone production, which will limit muscle production ,” says Folland. No need to throw on sausage. Two tablespoons daily of a mixture of linseed oil, sesame, sunflower, evening primrose and wheat germ, will help you avoid muscle breakdown in case of diet without fat.

10 – To your earphones

” The analgesic effect of music during training increases by one third your ability to finish the most difficult sets, ” said Dr. Costas Karageorghis.

11 – Sleep full

A small snack just before sleeping will promote muscle gain. ” Your muscles need nutrients to regenerate while you sleep, ” says nutritionist Anita Bean. 90 minutes before going to bed, eat 2 boiled eggs with a slice of toast and drizzle with a glass of skim milk.

12 – Hydrate yourself

Drinking more than 2 liters of water a day can save you 10% more muscle, according to researchers at the Australian University of New South Wales. ” Proteins generate metabolic pollution that must be dissolved in water. If you run out of water, your muscles will not recover quickly, “says Dr. Susan Shirreffs, Hydration Specialist.

13 – Vitamins all the year

And not just winter to avoid the flu. ” Vitamins A, C, E and selenium prevent free radical damage caused by intensive bodybuilding,” says Anita Bean. They accelerate the process of muscle repair. The selenium + ACE complex is marketed by many brands, ask your pharmacist for advice.

14 – Chrome for steel muscles

” Chromium is a trace mineral that increases the body’s ability to convert amino acids into muscle, ” says Claire Mc Evily of Cambridge’s Human Nutrition Research Lab. It is found in large quantities in yeast (in yeast, not in the glass), itself already hyperrich in vitamins B.

15 – And we stretch!

” Dynamic stretches between 2 sets help to inject more blood into your muscles without tiring them, which helps the muscle repair process even during training, ” says coach Robin Gargrave. Stretch your legs in front slit, then hang on your drawbar.

16 – Mandatory lunch break

” Delaying a meal for just 2 hours can put your body in ‘deprivation’ mode, which limits muscle regeneration for 48 hours, ” says Anita Bean. If you do not have time to eat, always have snacks (low in fat and high in protein) in your office drawer: protein bars, dried beef, walnut mix …

17 – Miracle pill?

HMB is a natural dietary supplement derived from the amino acid leucine. It is used in medicine to promote recovery after an operation and to treat burn victims. In a study at Cornell University in New York state, American footballers who had been taking HMB had their cortisol levels – a hormone whose release after heavy effort would slow down muscle recovery – decrease by one quarter.

18 – Back to childhood

Drink 50 cl of skimmed milk a day. Researchers at the University of Ontario (Canada) put forward an additional 10% gain in muscle mass in bodybuilders who drank milk rather than sports drinks. Even better: milk drinkers lose about 20% more fat.

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