4 Changes In Your Daily Life To Say Goodbye To Fat And Hello To Muscles

4 Changes In Your Daily Life To Say Goodbye To Fat And Hello To Muscles

You do exercises and yet your little buoy continues to hide your abs. Here are four rather unexpected changes to make to your daily life to see at last take shape those muscles that make you dream so much.

So, what can you do to say goodbye to fat and hello to Muscles?

4 Changes In Your Daily Life To Say Goodbye To Fat And Hello To Muscles

1- Eat When You Want

For the last ten years, we have been eating our ears with the idea that everyone should consume between five and six meals per day to lose fat. The logic is simple. Indeed, when you eat, your body needs energy to burn calories. Hence the following reasoning: the more you take meals and the more you burn calories.

Only, there is a small problem, because it is not the frequency of your meals that affects the number of calories you will burn in each of them, but rather what you eat. So if you swallow 2,000 kilocalories per day, it does not matter if you eat them in three, six or twenty meals. Assuming that the foods you eat are the same, you will burn the same number of calories.

Advice: You do not need to change the frequency of your meals, just find the right one. To do this, do not hesitate to list all the times you are most hungry during a whole week. Then you can adjust the frequency of your meals according to these times.

You will discover that breakfast is not more important than dinner and that snacks are not a necessity. If you find that you are hungrier at your workplace, then these are a very good option. In addition to not being hungry, you will also lose more weight.

 2- Eat More Fish (Oil)

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have concluded that Omega 3 fatty acids could be the secret ingredient behind fat removal and muscle building. These scientists believe that omega 3 helps fight cortisol, in other words, which allows your body to store fat.

By preventing your body from producing cortisol, you avoid unnecessary pounds in your hips, thighs and belly. In addition, you will gain dry muscles, which will burn calories more easily.

Advice: Eat fish oil every day, either as a complement or through sardines or salmon. Alan Aragon, Nutrition Advisor, recommends 2 to 3 g of fish oil per day.

 3- Make The Full Of Proteins

Each time you do not consume protein during a meal, you tell your body that you do not want to burn any calories. Here’s the reason: proteins help you control the level of sugar in the blood, let you feel full, reduce cravings and burn more calories during digestion. So, you can stay thin and strong while savoring your favorite foods.

Advice: Starchy foods are not your enemies. Consumed alone, however, they have a series of consequences – such as increased insulin levels – that can ruin your healthy eating habits.

Your chances of wanting to consume more food increase as well as those of storing more fats. Whether you eat a snack or a meal, you should include protein. Thus, you will lose fat and overcome stress.

You can eat about 170 g of protein (fish, chicken, and beef) during meals. For snacks, reduce the canopy: a handful of nuts, a cheese stick, and a cup of Greek yoghurt or white cheese are enough.

4- Shake Your Plan

The items that you can see through the showcase of the sports nutrition shop in your neighborhood are not just for weight lifters. Protein powder can help you lose weight. This source of protein has a low calorie content, allows you to keep muscle mass that you have hard-won and lose fat. Whey is the most effective protein. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, participants who had consumed whey proteins for 23 weeks had a lower fat content than those who had taken soy protein.

In fact, people seeking to lose weight that had incorporated whey proteins into their diet increased their fat loss by two, compared to those who had consumed the same number of calories without drinking shaker. Never forget that protein powder is the little extra that will allow you to appear your abs.

Advice: Consume whey protein shakers once a day, or at least five times a week. Nevertheless, you do not have to take a shaker before or after each workout. You can take one instead of a breakfast or a snack. Just make sure that the shakers do not replace the natural food sources.

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