5 Things To Do To Keep A Strong Back

5 Things To Do To Keep A Strong Back

A back injury will affect your routine. Avoid it with these tricks.

No one wants to have back problems. It is only once you have hurt yourself that you realize just how your lower back is tied to your abs and is part of your skeleton. Back injuries can be tenacious and persistent and it can be very difficult to get rid of them once and for all.

That being said, if you just get out of this kind of injury or if you are still healthy, here are some things that you better keep in mind to make sure that you are not putting yourself in a risky situation for your back. So, what are things to do to keep a strong back?

5 Things To Do To Keep A Strong Back

N ° 1: Verification Of The Form

That goes without saying. A bad shape will necessarily turn into an injury. It’s just a matter of time. Make lifted off the ground without paying attention to your technique and you will have a time bomb in your hands, your lumbar vertebrae and the muscles of your lower back serving as hostages. Learn to be in good shape and use it. The lower of your back is involved in all compound movements. That’s why being a good apprentice is a first step to being healthy.

N ° 2: Verification Of Hip Mobility

The correlation between the hips and the lower of your back is strong. Avoiding immobility at the joint capsule of your hip can make things worse such as pelvic tilt and the ability of the gluteal muscles on the opposite side. These two factors can affect the tension in the lower back. Use a full range of motion whenever possible when performing exercises such as squats and slots to exercise full mobility of your joint capsules at the hips.

N ° 3: Verification Of The Rotation

Each part of your vertebrae is responsible for a certain degree of rotation. The lumbar vertebrae are the ones that let you turn the least. The rotating response for a swing depends a lot on the ability of your spine to rotate completely. If it fails, something must compensate and it is often the lumbar spine that is stretched and twisted. Morale of the story: Make sure your backbone is working properly. Even if you are not a golfer, the lumbar vertebrae can turn sometimes far too much, especially if they are associated with stiff hips.

N ° 4: Verification Of Compression

A lifted off the ground, a horizontal pull, a stand up, a squat with a weight bar on the upper back and a clean hang can seem like a terrific conditioning workout for the whole body. It can be. But that would be at the expense of your back health. Even if it feels good to you at the moment, it is important to be aware of the compression that you are exerting on your back at each workout, especially during workouts that work the whole body. All the exercises that I have listed create a compression force down on the lower part of the spine, which could leave you with the impression that it is relatively stiff. Instead, mix exercises such as fixed bar pulls, parallel bar repulsions, suspended leg raise or chest pulls at the high pulley to decompress your spine.

N ° 5: Verification Of The Gluteal Muscles          

The strength of the posterior chain is expressed by three muscle groups: the gluteal muscles, the hamstrings and the lower back. During sporting movements such as running, jumping or sprinting, they must work exactly in that order. When the gluteus muscles are not strong enough or reactive enough to do their job, they let the hamstring and lower back muscles gain all the weight. This is not a good situation and it is an important cause of excessive tension. Train your gluteus muscles so that they are strong and they can do their job. My favorite exercises to make the gluteus muscles work are hip lift with a long dumbbell, walking slots and box squats. That said, you may need only a few activations to make sure that the gluteus muscles work as much as possible during your compound movements. Before your workouts, make some bridges while keeping your shoulders on the ground. Do not forget to tighten your joints at the level of your hips.

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