6 Tips to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

6 Tips to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Are you used to eating too sweet? For your health, here are 6 tips to reduce your sugar intake.

6 Tips to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

We consume on average the equivalent of 14 teaspoons of sugar per day. To reduce this intake, apply these few tricks.

Drop the sodas

Eliminate 10 teaspoons

Replace them first with light sodas: you will reduce calories and you will have your “dose” of sweet. After a week, go to the sparkling water with a slice of lime.

Naturally Sugar Yogurt

Eliminate 2-4 teaspoons

Fruit yogurts can contain up to 30 g of sugar, largely added. Prefer the nature and sprinkle them with cinnamon or mix blueberries.

Focus on natural foods

Eliminate 2-10 teaspoons

Instead of energy bars, sweets and biscuits, eat oilseeds, vegetables and fruits rich in fiber (apples, pears and red fruits) or whole grains such as popcorn.

Dilute your fruit juice

Eliminate 2-3 teaspoons

Fruit juices represent about 10% of the sugars added to our diet. By cutting your drink half with water, you will reduce this caloric intake by 50%.

Change Cereals

Eliminate 2-4 teaspoons

Forget about your children’s cornflakes and take old-fashioned oatmeal. For a touch of sweetness, add a measure of powdered vanilla powder.

Compose your desserts

Eliminate 2-10 teaspoons

Combining sweet flavor and a good dose of fiber, the grilled fruits are excellent at the end of the meal. Our selection: peaches grapefruit and melon.



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