Aquabike: 4 Movements To Refine Thighs

Aquabike: 4 Movements To Refine Thighs

More than ever trend, the aquabike is a complete sport that makes smooth work all the lower part of the body. Ideal for cardio, it allows in addition to carving and refining the silhouette. Thighs, abs, glutes and calves are solicited.

In short, it is a playful and natural method to slim down quickly and durably to test without delay!

Aquabike: 4 Movements To Refine Thighs

The aquabike is practiced in swimming pool in the form of sessions about 45 minutes. A bike is immersed in water and then fixed to the ground. The quality of the material is especially designed to facilitate the movements: the pedals are wide and lined with foam, the adjustable saddle is stable and comfortable.

The secret of aquabike? Although water offers much greater resistance than air, the body is much lighter. The movements are greatly facilitated. And yet, the energy spent is much more important than on a so-called classic bike. A single session of aquabike allows to lose up to 500 calories.

The coaches adapt the difficulty of the exercise according to the level, the age and the health of the participants. This is why this sporting activity can be recommended for all types of profiles. For example, it is intended for pregnant women who wish to play safe sports on the proper course of pregnancy, for persons in rehabilitation following an operation, but also for those who wish to tone and sculpt their muscles smoothly.

The essential movements to refine your thighs thanks to the aquabike

Depending on the area to be worked, the movements to be made differ slightly. To refine visibly and quickly the thighs, we retain 4 flagship exercises.

Movement No. 1

To stimulate the muscles of the thighs, the pedaling back and forth is alternated throughout the session. To avoid unnecessary fatigue, it is important to find your rhythm and to make sure you breathe deeply.

Movement No. 2

This movement consists in standing with hands on the handlebars and pedaling in this position. Exercise is certainly not at all rest but it allows to achieve quite remarkable results.

Movement No. 3

This basic movement is relatively simple to perform. It is pedaling in a sitting position but slightly advancing the buttocks towards the front of the saddle so you get as close as possible to the handlebars.

Movement No. 4

Attention, this movement is reserved for the initiated! To achieve it, you must hold the saddle firmly with both hands and pedal since the back of the bike. The thigh muscles are tenser than in other exercises. More requested, they will tend to become refined and to tone up more quickly.

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