Beginner’s Bodybuilding Program

Beginner’s Bodybuilding Program

In the world of bodybuilding, there are two ways to approach the implementation of a training program.
There are those who prefer to work full-body, ie exercise the whole body during the workout, doing two or three complete sessions a week. And others who prefer to work in Split routine, that is to say to divide and distribute the exercises over several sessions. For example, Monday’s back, Tuesday pectorals, Wednesday thighs, Friday shoulders and Saturday biceps and triceps.

In general, you are offered a split program when you start in the gym but it is not a good choice! If you are a beginner, we advise you to do full-body. This type of routine will allow you to progress quickly.

Beginners often make the mistake of copying training programs found in fitness magazines or on the internet. They hope to get the same results as their fitness model or favorite youtubers. It is natural to think that the programs of these personalities are at the top, since they are extremely well muscled and dry. But, in most cases, these programs will not suit you.

These are often endless splits that contain too many exercises and sets for each muscle group, or overly specialized programs. To give you an example, we can meet sessions for triceps of 18 series!

These programs are unsuitable for beginners, too heavy and too infrequent to progress properly. Rather, they appeal to advanced practitioners, who are gifted or doped. I’m not saying you will not progress with it, but it’s more suited for a beginner to do a program that works the whole body during the session several times a week.

The full body bodybuilding program

Here is the full-body program for muscle mass gain, aimed at beginners who work the whole body. Strength training program to be performed 2 to 3 times per week over 2 to 3 months. Work with either free weights or machines. Rest time between sets fixed at 1 minute.


  • Bench press: 4 * 12 (4 sets of 12 repetitions) – Pectorals, shoulders, triceps .
  • Chin up (front row): 4 * 12 – Dorsals, biceps.
  • Dumbell press: 4 * 12 – Shoulders, triceps .
  • Squat (or leg press): 4 * 12 – Thighs and buttocks.
  • Crunch on the ground: 4 * 10 + Planche 3 * 1 minute – Abdominals
  • Lumbar bench 3 * 1 min – Lumbar

This bodybuilding program has been successfully tested by many forum people and will give you good results. Be reassured, it contains enough exercises and sets; It is useless to add! In bodybuilding, it must privilege quality to quantity. Just move from one session to another on these basic exercises and the results will be there.


After a general warm -up of about 10 minutes on a cardio-training machine, you can attack the program by starting with 2 warm sets of 20 repetitions (2 * 20) at the bench press.
Then, for the following exercises, 1 warm-up (1 * 15) will be sufficient.

As an alternative, you can make dips, front row to replace the Chin up, from the Arnold press to the place of the dumbbell press, and from the leg press if the squat does not suit you. If you do not have the material, it is always possible to find a replacement exercise.

You can see that no load is indicated. You will start with an easy charge you master. Then you will gradually add weight as you progress.

And arms then?

As you can see, there are no arm isolation exercises. Beginners do not need to work specifically on the arms because most of the exercises in the program already involve them indirectly. For example, the Chin ups mobilize the back but also the biceps, the bench press or the dips solicit the triceps in the back of the arm, etc. In short, the work of the arms remains optional.

Nevertheless, we propose you, afterwards, a program including the arms. It is intended for those who still want to work specifically and focus on it:


  • Bench press : 4 * 12 – Pectoral, shoulders, triceps .
  • Chin up: 4 * 12 – Dorsals, biceps .
  • Upright row : 4 * 12 – Shoulders, triceps .
  • Barbell curl : 3 * 10 – Biceps.
  • Lying triceps extension : 3 * 10 – Triceps.
  • Squat (or leg press): 4 * 12 – Thighs and buttocks.
  • Crunch on the ground: 4 * 10 + Planche 3 * 1 minute – Abdominals
  • Lumbar bench 3 * 1 min – Lumbar

And what do we do next?

After 2 or 3 months and a few extra pounds of muscles, you will be able to diversify your full-body program to continue to progress or possibly change type of routine if you wish. But, this is not an obligation! Why change a program that allows you to progress well? Continue with as you progress.


For those who do not have equipment – or very little, you can follow the famous program with only 2 dumbbells, the free weight training program, or you can start the method Lafay.

Feeding the Beginner

We advise you to read the Nutrition weight training section to learn the basics of nutrition and know what to eat, including article on taking mass if you need to gain weight, how to lose weight if your goal is to lose weight, and how to dry if you want to become dry and draw your muscles.

The supplements used in the practice of bodybuilding do not concern you because as a beginner, you will progress enormously.

Here, finally, train yourself seriously, regularly, and the results will necessarily go to the rendezvous. Motivation and patience are two key elements in the practice of bodybuilding. An athlete build does not happen overnight!

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