Can We Be Obese and Happy?

Can We Be Obese and Happy? 

Being obese and happy is what a Canadian study demonstrates. This therefore breaks the prejudices about obese necessarily depressive and badly in their skin. This is the first time such a study has been conducted. Explanations.

Can We Be Obese and Happy

A common gene between obesity and happiness

The FTO gene, one of the obesity genes, according to the McMaster University study of more than 17,000 DNA samples from 21 different countries, would be correlated with a lower risk of depression, Of 8%. Remember that other studies had previously proved that depression had a genetic component at 40%. The 8% difference is significant, albeit modest, the authors acknowledge. But this, they say, is a first step towards further research and that knows, new treatments.

Can we fight against obesity and depression by acting on genetics?

For Dr. Jean-Michel Borys, an endocrinologist and an obesity specialist, the study may be interesting, but it remains limited. Indeed, it is based solely on an epidemiological observation and for the time being nothing can explain with certainty the mode of action of this gene on depression. As regards research to neutralize the gene to act on the risk of obesity and depression, it remains difficult to envisage, according to Dr. Borys: “neutralizing this gene can lead to over-expressing another gene and cause Unexpected side effects“. This study therefore emphasizes the complexity of genetic mechanisms and the fact that the same gene may have different actions in different domains.

It should also be remembered that, if the obese are often depressed, it is because they are the target of social vindictiveness, and that they are in a situation of failure as regards emaciation. Dieting is a great source of depression, loss of self-esteem, at the time of the inevitable resumption of weight that ensues.

We suggest you not to be violent, and on the contrary, listen to your appetites to answer it in the most precise way possible, by eating what you like, To your hunger, without frustration, any more than this hunger demands. This will lead you to make the weight for which you are genetically programmed, that is, the balance weight, the only one you can hold without deprivation. Accepting this weight will make the bed of your happiness!


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