Chrononutrition and Bodybuilding

Chrononutrition and Bodybuilding

Chrononutrition is talked about everywhere, and the forum does not escape it! Following the success of the topic dedicated to this diet- which is not one – we interviewed athletes who practice or have practiced this method. Through their testimonials, you will discover the results they have achieved by combining chrononutrition and bodybuilding , and the obstacles encountered. You will also find advice and ideas to best adapt it to the practice of sport.

Chrononutrition and Bodybuilding

What is chrononutrition?

Chrononutrition is not a diet, it is a method whose goal is to rebalance his diet by respecting his biological clock. Created in 1986 by Dr. Alain Delabos, it allows you to slim down without depriving yourself!

Indeed, unlike most diets, you will be able to eat everything and especially foods generally prohibited as bread, cheese, chocolate or traditional dishes such as cassoulet or steak-fries! On the other hand, you will not be able to take these foods at any time of the day, you will have to follow the recommendations of the method and change your eating habits to respect the chronobiology of the body.

The chrononutrition promises you to slim down and not lose weight by eating bold in the morning, dense at noon, sweet in the afternoon and light at night.

Testimonials on chrononutrition


“I started bodybuilding ( Lafay method ) with the goal of regaining physical well-being and losing some weight. I quickly realized that diet had a key role in achieving results. Despite a diet that I thought was balanced, I could not lose weight and in addition I did not have the energy needed for my bodybuilding sessions. I turned to chrononutrition because some members of the forum had quick results with this “diet”.

Chrononutrition suggests eating the right foods when the body needs them most. This meets exactly what I need at the moment: a food plan made to lose weight (just adjust the quantities to its template) without (too much) calculating what we eat. Indeed, the first days we weigh its food but one does not worry about the calories; Yet one loses weight and without being hungry. In addition, certain principles “stick” with the practice of bodybuilding: important protein intakes, taking a mandatory snack, strong decrease of sweet foods (reserved for snack).

This food plan fully met my expectations. The menu is nice to follow and I regained the energy needed for my bodybuilding sessions. Although I am far from dry (about 20% fat mass) I am not far from my ideal measurements according to chrononutrition. In 6 months of strict follow-up, I lost 2 or 3 kilos and a few centimeters of fat everywhere. In the mirror, I seem a little drier, especially in the chest, arms and thighs, but it remains subtle. I hope to lose more radically my abdominal fat and gain more muscle. My personal assessment is therefore mixed.

However, I continue to recommend chrononutrition to people who have a lot of fat to lose and who do not have too much nutrition knowledge. This is a good start to regaining food hygiene without doing anything. Chrononutrition is therefore a good diet plan to lose fat, not against I will not advise a person wishing to take a lot of muscle volume.

Personally, I continue to follow the main lines while adapting according to the new knowledge of nutrition I glane over time. “


“Practicing bodybuilding for two years, I have never really paid attention to my diet. It was by browsing this forum that I realized that it played an important role in bodybuilding and in everyday life. A good and healthy diet allows you to progress in bodybuilding but also to feel better physically while avoiding deficiencies and the like.
I first picked up information on the right and left and changed my meals without seeing much change because of my limited knowledge. I stumbled upon the chrononutrition which attracted me by its principle. The fact of being able to eat what I want but at the right time of the day seduced me. Everything was possible. Fried sorbet with chocolate …

Chrononutrition was a first approach in the world of nutrition. The book is simple and clear so perfect for a novice in this field.
After three weeks of practice, the result was obvious. My entourage made me notice that I had lost weight. And it was true. I had a fat fast fat loss without losing muscle. My performance in bodybuilding had not dropped and I was pleasantly surprised.
The caloric total of this method is really very low but rich in protein. One incredible thing is satiety. I could without problem remained 4-5h without eating the days without sport without being hungry. No more bloating or nibbling.

Practicing chrononutrition in parallel with musculation requires some adaptations. Indeed, as stated above, the caloric total is very low, which means that coupling it to bodybuilding further reduces this total (physical expenditure). My weight training is done one hour after breakfast and ends at 8:30. By following the chrononutrition to the letter, one would have to wait until the end of morning to eat. To fill my hunger, I had to add a snack in the middle of the morning. In order to increase the caloric total of the day, I increased the portions of breakfast (plus bread, addition of an egg and ham) and lunch (increased starches). That was not enough …

Despite the benefits of this method, the loss of weight was too great. I was too thin. While practicing this method, I thanks to the help of various people on this forum developed my knowledge in nutrition and therefore completely revised the method.
Several things did not suit my taste. The total daily protein is too high and the amount of vegetable is more than low so pay attention to the acidity of the body. A snack is missing in the morning and saturated fat is too high.
Due to the large amount of meat, the cost of this style of feeding is rather excessive.
This method, based on the chronobiology of the body, must respect the pause between meals. Not always easy in a family life.

In conclusion, this method is interesting by its functioning but in the long term, scares me at the level of health.
I have now totally stopped the chrono and I’m in the mass. “


“I started chrononutrition in order to lose weight but also and especially fat. In three weeks of strict follow-up, I lost about three kilograms following the recommendations.

Eating cheese well fat in the morning in the hope of losing fat, we must admit that we remain skeptical at first, then we are forced to note the undeniable effects. To increase muscle volume, I modified the quantities (more cheese and bread in the morning, systematically taking the maximum amounts recommended at noon, or supplemented by hard boiled eggs …) and the result there also happened.

Chrononutrition is effective, but when scrupulously followed, I find that there is a lack of vegetables and fruits which, in my opinion, are indispensable for good development and good health. However, I did not have any problems with my blood tests, except when I wanted to remove the morning butter and reduce the amount of oil, I then had a deficiency in triglycerides.

For those who want to follow this diet, its principles are coherent and the results are present, but watch out for the intakes of certain nutrients, vitamins or antioxidants. “


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