Crohn’s Disease: and if Ketogenic Diet Was Beneficial?

Crohn’s Disease: and if Ketogenic Diet Was Beneficial?

“Good” fat to fight Crohn’s disease, you had to think about it! American researchers recommend the ketogenic diet to patients – however, medical follow-up remains essential.

The ketogenic diet is a special diet: it favors lipids to the detriment of carbohydrates and proteins. The goal is to push the body to make its own energy from fat, which allows (paradoxically) to slim down and stay healthy.

But beware: not all fats have the same value. Thus, the ketogenic diet encourages us to consume omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9; Dairy products are limited to 2 servings per day, and industrial products rich in saturated fats should also be avoided. The star food of this original diet? Coconut oil !

If the ketogenic diet is back on the scene, it is thanks to a new scientific study by researchers at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in the United States: On mice, they discovered that a diet rich in “good” fat causes a rebalancing of the intestinal bacterial flora in the mice affected by Crohn’s disease, thus an improvement of the symptoms.

“Before Trying, Ask Your Doctor For Advice! 

As a reminder, Crohn’s disease affects half a million people in the United States: women are generally more concerned than men (56% women, 44% men) and the average age of patients is 48 years .

In particular, researchers encouraged patients to consume coconut oil and cocoa butter, which, even when consumed in small quantities, helped to reduce intestinal inflammation in diseased mice. “Changing your diet is not an effort or sacrifice,” adds the researchers. It is a slight change in lifestyle that can result in considerable well-being. 

One small warning, however: “Each patient will respond differently to this diet. Before trying, ask your doctor for advice! 

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