Diet: 6 Signs That You Make Too Many!

Diet: 6 Signs That You Make Too Many!

You might be willing to try everything to achieve your weight loss goal. The problem is that with these kinds of thoughts, you might bite your fingers. If some hard strategies can help you lose weight quickly, they are not always good for your health or reliable in the long run. They can leave you feeling unwell and lead to a recovery of weight.

Diet 6 Signs That You Make Too Many

Here are 6 signs that prove that you have set the bar a little too high in terms of weight loss goals.

1 – You drink more than 2 liters of water per day

Drinking water is a good thing but doing it to reduce appetite is not one. Drinking water before a snack or meal can help eat less and lose weight. But, it can be dangerous if you do it instead of a meal. Water is not enough to satisfy your needs and may even lead you to compensate later because you are depriving your body of important nutrients.

The amount of water you really need depends on your weight and your level of activity. But, more than 2 liters of water, it really starts to do a lot. Signs that show that you drink too much water are: you urinate more than 8 times a day and you have a colorless urine.

2 – You do not make “Cheat Meal”

Getting rid of the most caloric foods, and that you like, can be a good idea. But, it can also be a disaster. Making a fix on what you eat can skid in two ways. If the foods you consider good for your diet are not available, you are not going to eat. You will fall back on something else but it is as if you cheat and you will judge yourself severely.

Yet when you think about it, too much depriving yourself is not so reasonable. This can lead you to the yo-yo effect and some nutritional deficiencies. Fats, for example, are essential to your brain function and memory. Eating your favorite foods from time to time should not kill you.

3 – You train every day

If you feel exhausted and tired all the time or you leave your social commitments to train you, you should review things a little. Breaking with your social life can leave you feeling lonely and isolated, which can lead to a frantic urge to eat. In addition, learning how to balance time spent with friends and family and time spent on sport is one of the key factors to lasting in the long term. And, if you do not take enough rest, your workout may begin to become less and less productive. When you are not rested enough, it impacts your hormones from hunger, which leads to increase your appetite.

4 – You consume less than 1200 calories

Although 2 women do not have the same caloric needs, your energy intake should never be below 1200 calories. If this happens, your body will go into starvation mode, that is, it will hold to all the calories it will receive. Fill your plate with vegetables and prefer lean protein. Do not be afraid of healthy fats. They help you feel full and satisfied.

5 – You weigh yourself every day

Weight is not the only way to see if you have managed to lose weight and progress. Your weight can fluctuate dramatically in just one day. Try to weigh yourself only once a week and concentrate instead on other brands of progress like how your clothes suit you and your energy level. Body measurements are also a good way to track your efforts. Weighing every day can turn into obsession. If this habit makes you feel anxious or upset, then it can increase your stress hormones and lead to weight gain because of so-called emotional diet.

6 – Your motivation to lose weight is linked to your image

The way you think about your body can have an impact on its appearance. Studies show that people who think they are overweight are more prone to getting fat than those who do not think they have extra pounds. Being hard with yourself does nothing to increase your self esteem. Do not be so worried about how you want to change yourself. Ask yourself how you feel, both physically, socially and emotionally. If you do this, you will be proud of the work you do the days.

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