Do Not Be Afraid of the Gym!

Do Not Be Afraid of the Gym!

The fear of the gym is really a situation that exists! Do not worry, you’re not the only one. We all went through there!

Do Not Be Afraid of the Gym

When we decide to take control, whether it is the beginning of a loss of weight or on the contrary that we are trying to build muscle, the first idea that comes to mind and that we will have to take subscribe to a weight room.

You must not be scared

Steer the gym to start the free session, and welcome to the world of muscles and sweats! Oh yes it will intimidate you! We find ourselves faced with a machine full of which we still do not know how they work, and especially the people who use it are 3 times our size, and we imagine that we will pass for a shabby if comes sit with them…

If you take a closer look at the collective classroom, the music is strong, the teacher gives the directions, and everyone is in step, without ever making a mistake … And you think you can do it? Or maybe the only person who’s gonna do it?

Fighting fear for real results

You have probably already heard the phrase “Strong is the new Sexy” that could be translated by the fact that having muscles is the new sexy fashion. Indeed it is true! The muscles are appreciable by everyone, and in addition it will allow you to combat aging, reduce stress, reduce bad cholesterol, help sleep better and have a good immune system.

Health benefits are present. If this can reassure you we all went through there, this fear of the unknown as soon as you enter the gym, you will have to surpass yourself at the beginning to reach a level of satisfaction at the top. When you have changed your body, you will be really satisfied!

The muscles should not be bulky!

It’s not because in the gym, every other person is considered a bodybuilder that you do not have the right to train next to you. Your goal is not to resemble a mountain of muscle but simply to maintain you, gain muscle and lose fat.

If you think that pushing/raising the cast will turn you into a mountain, think again! It takes time, rigor and motivation to achieve these results. Whether you are a woman or a man, this does not happen in just 3 months of training.

Get started!

Get started, whether alone or with a friend. You will find a much greater personal satisfaction. And believe me, when you have gained experience, and you see a new arrival you will not look at it by mocking or judging, you are at the gym to do your training, not to compare yourself with the neighbor.

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