Does Sweating Make You Lose Weight?

Does Sweating Make You Lose Weight?

Many of us believe it, going too far to cover up during a sports session to increase their sweating. So yes, sweating can make you lose pounds … of water! That you will resume as soon as you drink …

Does Sweating Make You Lose Weight

What is sweating?

Sweating is a phenomenon regulating body temperature. The latter must always be close to 37 ° in order to guarantee optimal functions for our organism. As soon as the temperature of our body exceeds them, the sweating mechanism starts to cool it: the excess heat will be dispersed in water vapor, eliminated by the sweat glands through the skin.
The sweat produced by perspiration also removes salt, toxins and wastes from the body (urea, lactic acids, amines, fat, ammonia, minerals), which give it a somewhat acidic composition.
When do we sweat? When it is very hot, of course, as a result of physical exercise of medium to strong intensity, but also because of the stress (cold sweats), certain drugs or certain diseases to eliminate toxins in too many numbers. It is the case in case of fever, infection, diabetes … as after a meal too caloric.
The body eliminates an average of 1/2 liter of water daily, and can perspire up to 10 to 12 liters of water per day!

Losing water is not losing fat!

It can happen after an intensive sports session, during which you have transpired a lot, weigh yourself and notice that you have lost a few pounds. Does sweating make you lose weight? No ! Because the pounds lost are pounds of water !That you will resume as soon as you have drunk again: and it is absolutely necessary to rehydrate yourself, because our organism absolutely needs water to function well.
What makes you lose weight is the overall balance between the appetizers (what you eat) and the outputs (the energy required for body functioning and your muscular efforts). When you have physical activity, your body types in the fat stores and uses them. So you lose fat and weight … provided that your diet does not bring more than your spending!
Sweating during a sports session can be a sign of your calorie expenditure, but you will not get thinner in running down jackets!

How sweating can healthily help to lose weight?

The healthiest sweat is that generated by the sauna and hammam: it is not sweating that will make you lose weight, but eliminate more toxins and body waste. Excellent for the body, and excellent also for having soft skin!
The ideal is to have a session of sauna or hammam after the practice of the sport. Sports expenditure can mobilize fat, but it also causes waste: lactic acid, ammonia … that the exacerbated sweat of the spa will help all the better to evacuate.
So do sports, and sweat at will to feel good in your body and help you lose weight. Sport has many benefits, but do not rely on physical exercises to lose weight. As we have seen, caloric expenditure goes hand in hand with caloric intake: to lose weight, sport must complete a change in eating behavior.

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