Drinking Beer To Lose Weight Is possible?

Drinking Beer To Lose Weight Is possible?

Just drink 3 500 pints to see the results (what, you imagine it, will not help you lose weight)!

Drinking Beer To Lose Weight Is possible

There is a compound in hops that can decrease your cholesterol, glycemia and your weight. Beer is made from hops. We already know that going down a few very fresh ones will not annihilate all the efforts that you have made so far to be in shape. Could this cause you to lose weight? Probably not. However, a new study has proved quite interesting.


Researchers at Oregon State University have demonstrated that hops contain so-called xanthohumol, a natural flavonoid (a component rich in nutrients and antioxidants that is also found in tea, Garlic, chocolate, apples and blueberries). If a specific amount is consumed, the flavonoid is able to improve some of the underlying indicators of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes (metabolic diseases).

In a study published in a special issue of Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, the laboratory mice followed a calorie diet (60 percent of their daily calories came from fat). They were also administered different levels of xanthohumol. Experimental groups daily ingested xanthohumol based on their weight (0,30 or 60mg per kg) for 12 weeks.


Compared to the control group, who were not given xanthohumol, the mice to which the largest amount was given had an 80% drop in their bad LDL cholesterol, a 42% decrease in insulin, and The rate of inflammation had decreased by 78%.

Xanthohumol also appeared to increase oxygen consumption in mice as well as their metabolic rate. It also helped them to control their weight. This may seem impossible since mice on a calorie diet grew and became increasingly obese, but those receiving xanthohumol gained 22 percent of weight even though they ate the same amount of food.

“This is the first time that we have seen a compound which has the capacity to deal with so many health problems,” said project leader Cristobal Miranda in a press release.

However, further research is needed to prove that positive results can be observed in humans. You should also know that the highest level of xanthohumol used daily in this research was 60mg per kilo. For a human being of 70 kilos, he would take 350mg per day. Not only does it exceed the amount that you can ingest, but such a high level equals 3,500 pints of beer daily for an adult.

Fred Stevens, another researcher, says “We still have to work to prove that high doses of xanthohumol are not dangerous. Doses 15 to 30 times higher than those used have already been given to animals without causing any apparent problems. Could they be bottled or made a kind of calorie-free supplement? To see.


Meanwhile, no, this is not a reason to drink too much beer.


* We do not encourage or endorse excessive alcohol consumption. Drink responsibly. *

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