Easy Exercises To Lose Weight

Easy Exercises To Lose Weight

Would you take a bit of easy gymnastics?

Is sport not your thing? Rest assured, it is not very serious! To model a dream body (even our jeans will not come back), no need to run three year-round marathons and rush like crazy on the track. We’re not going to force ourselves.
Easy Exercises To Lose Weight
We will instead opt for simple exercises , funny, clever archi. Just know them, reproduce them every day a few minutes, and the trick is played. As the months go by, you can muscle the buttock (true), we have abdos in concrete (big pride), in short we have a body more tonic, firmer, finer. Plus everything, what.

Then follow the directions provided. In addition, they are illustrated by Scarlatine, blogger and draftsman. And with similar illustrations, it is promised: the exos are recorded, reproduced and three times more effective.

Note that our favorite exercise is still that of the abs in the bath. It’s just geniallism to combine relaxation and sport. We emerge from the bath more sexy than we were when entering. That’s it, to be malignant. So you know what you have to do.

Go for it, the bomb that is in you is waiting for that (and you want to start this evening).

Lunges : for dream buttocks

  • “Stand with your feet wide open, then pull back your left leg far enough away.” The feet are not one behind the other, but on two parallel tracks, “explains the coach and author of “A silhouette of dream , it is smart” Leduc.s Editions.
  • “Peel off the left heel from the floor, place your body weight in the middle of both legs and bend the legs down vertically.”
  • Be careful not to advance your right knee and make sure your legs are well folded at 90 ° (right angle). “
  • Now that you’re in a good position, we’re going to have to move. Yes, that’s how we work. “Push back on the right heel and contracting the back of the left buttocks, ” says the coach .
  • Start with a set of 5, then 10 … And on each side of course.


  • “Put yourself on all fours, preferably barefoot, with your hands just below your shoulders, your knees under your hips,” explains the sports coach and author of “A silhouette of dream , it’s smart” at Editions Leduc. S
  • Then, press your hands or elbows and stretch your legs. Prohibition to lift the buttocks, you must be “flat”. Tighten the muscles of your body and tuck your stomach well, as if you wanted your navel to touch your spine . The coach also tightly tighten the perineum (as if you were holding a big urge to pee).
  • The goal is to keep the sessions as long as possible. At startup, you will hold for a few seconds, take a few moments of recovery and start again.
  • Little by little you will remain in position longer. “At the end of 2 months, at the rate of 1 times a week, you will see your abdominal strap being drawn,” reassured the coach. So patience, it will come, do not give up!

Bridge : for excellent thighs

  • Practice before getting out of bed, every morning! In one minute it is folded.
  • “Remove the pillow from under your head, lie on your back, your legs stretched, your heels tight against each other. Remove the shoulders from the ears, stretch your arms along your body and turn your hands Direction of the ceiling.Inhale thoroughly and, by blowing, push on your heels to take off the calves, the back of the thighs, buttocks and the lower back of the mattress “guides us the coach .
  • At this point, tighten your buttocks (as if you were pressing a sponge, easy), your thighs your stomach. You’ll soon feel that it works! To repeat several times in succession: climb, descend, climb, descend, and for a small variant: pass on tiptoe. By simply taking off the heels, you will work all that more! And the back of your thighs will be at the top : cellulite point in sight, they will be nicely drawn and breaking with the buttocks: archi well done (ouf).

Abs in the bath: for a flat belly

  • “Lie down with the bust out of the water, leaning against the bathtub, put your feet close to the buttocks and your hands on the upper thighs, arms outstretched, inhale thoroughly, swelling the stomach, tighten the perineum as if You hold a desire to pee and, exhaling all the air, push your hands very hard against your legs and resist, says the coach.
  • Empty your lungs really well and then breathe normally. Do this exercise 4 times. You must feel like tremors in the belly. It is the transverse, the deep muscle of the abdominal strap that contracts. It is a very powerful movement, which forges a flat belly in a few weeks.
  • To go further, do the same exercise with the feet raised, knees bent at 90 ° above the hips. “

Squat: for a bottom of goddess’s body


  • “Keep your feet upright and bend your knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor, and the buttocks are pushed towards the floor, as if you were sitting on an imaginary chair, the knees do not protrude beyond the front of the foot, so the weight of the body is in the heels.
  • Try to stay as long as possible in this position (from 5 seconds to 30!). Then, when it’s time to go up, crouch completely then hop, straighten up. And start again!


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