Find The Yoga Style You Need To Lose Weight

Find The Yoga Style You Need To Lose Weight

Yoga is trendy: it makes the body work and would even allow to empty the head the space of a course. The exercises of relaxation, respiratory and physical will bring a well-being not negligible.

Find The Yoga Style You Need To Lose Weight

Gym discipline, yoga is a great success, maybe you want to know more?

Tradition Indian, yoga arrived in France as early as the 1970s. But, it became the discipline of fashionable life recently, popularized by actresses and other celebrities touting the benefits. This yoga that is all the rage is only a small part of a much wider discipline. Hindu- initiated yoga is first and foremost a tolerant and non-violent life philosophy, accompanied by nutritional principles and a daily lifestyle involving relaxation, breathing exercises and physical exercises . It is this last aspect which is popular in the West: the gymnastics of the yogis. She is the friend of your well-being.

And for good reason, these exercises make it possible to become aware of its breathing, to oxygenate itself while stretching and muscling every part of its body. They promote well-being. Yoga thus captivates all those who do not support the atmosphere of quasi-nightclub of the sports halls: it is practiced in peace or accompanied by a soft music and without mirror to judge itself. Everyone is progressing at their own pace, which makes him very tolerant.

There are several versions of yogas, judge it yourself

But, it would be more accurate to speak of yogas as the versions are numerous. There is something for every taste ! You still have to find the right teacher for you, with enough experience to guide you to well-being (no state diploma is issued in France, so pay attention to where you put your feet). Hatha yoga is the most classic. Accessible to all, it relaxes and soothes through stretch postures. They are connected slowly and with each new position, you learn to concentrate on your breathing, yoga breathing. Generally, the session ends with a time dedicated to relaxation, guided by the teacher. And you come out soothed, invaded by a feeling of well-being.

Another very popular yoga is dynamic yoga, “ashtanga yoga” or “vinyasa”. The yoga ashtanga is a registered trademark coming straight from the south of India, consisting of series of movements listed and practiced in the same order. The yoga vyniasa is a declension, the idea being to synchronize fast movements with breathing.

These yogas cater to all those who need movement and who have already practiced physical activity. The yoga postures are linked quickly, first standing then on the ground, in rhythm with your breathing. The session ends with a short relaxation. It is a more physical practice that causes more sweating and losing weight.

Many other yogas are practiced, some putting more emphasis on relaxation and meditation; Others on the movement. Try several styles to find the right one. Practice once a week for visible results on both your body and your stress ! Wellness guaranteed.


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