Good Physical Condition Helps to Stay Young Mentally

Good Physical Condition Helps to Stay Young Mentally

According to a recent study, regular exercise can do much more than help you stay beautiful and feel good (even if it never hurts).

Mental health has been a hot topic lately. In the past, studies have shown that exercise can keep your brain healthy as you get older, and a new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found even more evidence to support these findings.

In the UT Southwestern study, researchers asked elderly people at high risk of developing Alzheimer’s memory and other mental tests to measure brain function, and used their VO2 max to assess their condition. physical. Using VO2 max assessments puts the study aside from previous research, which was based on self-reporting of one’s own fitness level.

Participants’ brains were also scanned to see how their white substance worked – the bundles of nerves in the brain that affect learning, brain function, and communication between different parts of the brain. Among patients who all had early signs of memory loss or mild cognitive impairment, those with poorer fitness tended to have a lower white matter, which correlates with lower brain function.

” This research supports the hypothesis that improving people’s fitness can improve their brain health and slow down the aging process ,” said study author Kan Ding, MD, Peter O’s neurologist. Donnell Jr. from UT Southwestern. Institute of the brain.

Although the results are promising, there is still much research to be done on the effects of regular exercise on the brain. It is unclear to what extent a person should be in good health to significantly reduce the risk of dementia, or how late it is to start a program when someone already has symptoms of cognitive impairment.

” The results suggest that what is bad for the heart is bad for the brain, ” said study author Rong Zhang. ” We need studies like this one to discover how the two are intertwined and hopefully find the right formula to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.”

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