How To Avoid Getting Fat In Menopause

How To Avoid Getting Fat In Menopause

An adapted lifestyle, combining diet and physical activity can significantly reduce weight gain after menopause.

At the time of menopause and after, the hormonal changes often result in a weight gain and an increase of the fat mass.

The study

The researchers behind this meta-analysis wanted to examine the effects of exercise and diet on the weight loss and body composition of obese women in peri-menopause and post-menopause. They selected 11 good quality trials for their analysis.

Results: Dietary management (dietary balance, calorie restriction, emphasis on unprocessed foods) is associated with significantly greater weight loss. Exercise alone (aerobic activity combined with muscle resistance) also leads to weight loss, although less (this can be explained by a gain in muscle mass). And together, dietary and sports allow the best improvements in terms of weight and lean mass distribution / body fat.

In summary, diet and exercise, even on their own, offer clear benefits, but they are increased tenfold when you combine the two.

In practice

Starting or continuing a regular physical activity and balancing one’s diet is essential if one wants to avoid that the pounds settle at the menopause. Nevertheless, if your pounds are already installed, it’s not too late. By combining diet and physical activity, you put the odds on your side to maintain or regain your fitness weight.

Moreover, physical activity also helps to prevent falls and therefore fractures (the risk of which increases after menopause).

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