How to eat to get pregnant faster

How to eat to get pregnant faster

recent observational study establishes an association between low fruit consumption, high frequency of fast food consumption and the delay in getting pregnant.

The study

The researchers behind this study questioned whether feeding nulliparous mothers who have difficulty getting pregnant could be related to the length of time they wait to start pregnancy.

The investigators therefore established questionnaires which they distributed to the mothers during the prenatal period, to collect their eating habits the month before the pregnancy.

After various statistical adjustments, the scientists noticed two linear correlations: the low fruit consumption (ranging from less than 3 fruits per day to 1 to 3 fruits per month compared to 3 fruits per day) increased the time to get pregnant while the low consumption of fast-food foods (ranging from 2 to 4 fast-foods a week to no fast food compared to 4 fast-foods or more per week) decreased this duration.

However, the authors of the study admit the obvious limitations of their investigation, namely more or less reliable data according to the participants’ memories, the limited number of categories of food present in the questionnaire, etc.

In practice

Although this study does not establish a causal relationship, the consumption of fruit and other raw foods is strongly associated with good health (1) in contrast to the consumption of ultra-processed fast food.

If you want to put the odds on your side to get pregnant, we advise you to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and reduce or even stop your smoking.



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