How To Fight Bloating And Have A Flat Belly?

How To Fight Bloating And Have A Flat Belly?

Stomach pain, bloating … A few simple rules make it possible to regain comfort and energy and better digest.

How To Fight Bloating And Have Flat Belly

We chew well

The digestion process begins in the mouth. The more we chew, the more saliva and its digestive enzymes can begin to “work” in upstream, and the less we will be prone to bloating.

Conversely, if the food is swallowed half-chewed, larger particles of food pass into the digestive system, resulting in the expansion of our stomach. Hence a risk of “swelling”.

We decrease the quantities

The more we eat, the more the digestion is long. Result: foods tend to ferment, and swell. Better to spend four small meals per day, setting aside the dessert of lunch to take it around 5 pm, for example. Or even five meals while eating the fruit of breakfast a little later in the morning, in snack.

Limit salt

Too much sodium can cause water retention, especially in the abdomen. Prepared frozen meals are avoided and cooking is done without too much salt. And we do not leave the salt cellar to not add salt systematically. If you like soy sauce, choose it with reduced salt content. You should also know that our main source of salt is … bread. Still a good reason to eat it less.

Dairy products are avoided

Based on cow’s milk, they can cause fermentations and bloating because of their lactose (the main sugar of dairy products). Yogurts are preferred to soy, vegetable milks (almond, soya, rice …). If you have a yoghurt maker, you can prepare your yogurts with specific ferments.

Note: Ripened cheeses like Parmesan do not contain lactose or very little. They can therefore be consumed without any problems.

We do not drink during meals

Except a tepid mint tea when we feel swollen, and in small quantities, it is better to avoid drinking at the table. Indeed, the absorbed liquid will dissolve the digestive enzymes contained in the saliva and in the stomach, which lengthens the digestion time. With, at the key, fermentations and swellings. And most importantly, never drink iced!

Gluten is limited

In some people, even those who are not intolerant, gluten protein can trigger stomach pains, digestive heaviness, bloating … A test is made by removing bread and wheat pasta, and replaces with buckwheat cakes, gluten-free crackers, rice, quinoa


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