How To Go Down To The Squat?

How To Go Down To The Squat?

How many times have you seen someone come down to the squat? The squats below the parallel are rare in the gym, and often the practitioners are content to do half a squat. We explain how you can go down to the squat.

Why can not you get down to the squat?

Bad in the lower back, pain in the knees, afraid to get stuck down … The reasons can be many! You may also simply lack mobility. Indeed, the sedentary lifestyle is devastating and if you do not go down very low squat, the problem may not be where you think. Indeed, the knee can only do what the foot can control and what the hip allows.

Clearly, to improve the range of motion, it is necessary to work the mobility of the entire chain of the lower limbs, namely the feet, ankles and hips. Do not forget to take into account the genetics and insertion of your muscles. It will be much more difficult for someone from very tall with long femurs to go down to the squat without compromising the performance of the movement and rounding off the back.

How to get off to squat?

Relax, familiarize, consolidate: in this order! First, using a massage roller, you can massage the areas mentioned above to eliminate stiffness and contractures. Then you can go down a little bit lower each session by reducing the load. Do not hesitate to perform the movement more slowly by focusing on muscle tension.

Special mobility exercises

  • Relaxation

Foot massage with massage roller: 2 sets – 60 seconds per foot

Ankle mobility exercise : standing, hands against a wall, in a lunge position, the front foot well anchored in the ground and placed fifteen centimeters from the wall. Flex the front knee until it touches the wall. 2 sets – 6 repetitions per leg

Hip flexor massage: 2 sets – 60 seconds each side

  • Familiarization

Keeping squat with support : Stand in a squat cage or a sling strap and squat to the maximum. Gradually seek to let go of support and maintain the position of deep squat. 3 sets – 60 seconds of live time

  • Consolidation

Barbell Squat: 2 sets – 10 repetitions with a 5-second tempo for the descent, 5 seconds pause at the bottom of the movement and 5 seconds for the ascent.

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