Yoga to lose weight is what?

Discipline of well-being, yoga brings together more and more practitioners every year for its benefits on the body and the mind.

Far from the simple meditative image of the yogi seated cross-legged, eyes closed, hands on the knees, yoga can become a true lifestyle that could even help you lose weight, especially around the belly.

By performing different exercises based on posture and breathing, discover how to eliminate a small unsightly belly in a few sessions.

The posture of the cobra or Bhujagasana: to strengthen the abdominals

Lying on your stomach, with your arms on the ground and your hands resting, raise your chest by keeping your legs elongated, your arms extended and your head up.

With the hands in shoulder alignment, the goal is to keep the head aligned and straight with your bust in order to solicit your abs: for a more important reinforcement, think about gaining your stomach by blocking your abdominals.

When inhaling, lean your head back to maximum and then find your initial posture lying down exhaling. Hold the posture between 15 to 30 seconds, respect the same rest period between each repetition and then repeat the exercise 5 times before continuing.

The bow pose: for a natural massage of the belly

Pretty similar to the posture of the cobra, the posture of the bow or Dhanurasana will allow you to push the exercise a little further to strengthen your abdominal belt. Lying face down, with arms up and down, raise your knees so you can find your feet above your buttocks.

Catch and hold your ankles: by inspiring, you will raise your bust and pull on your ankles to position your feet as far forward as possible.

This stretch will solicit your abs: to add to the exercise, make light swings back and forth that will massage your tummy and activate circulation.

Hold the posture 15 to 30 seconds and then exhaling slowly release your ankles and return to your original position. Repeat the exercise 5 times with a pause between repetitions.

The boat or Navasana: to fight the belly fat

Ideal for strengthening both the back muscles, buttocks and abdominal muscles, the position of the boat is very effective in getting rid of excess fat in the abdomen. Lying on your back, arms extended along the body, inhale by first raising your legs stretched as high as possible.

In a second step, raise the chest by keeping the arms extended to the legs and try to approach at most a 45-degree angle by holding the legs up.

Breathe normally and hold this posture 15 to 30 seconds. In the exhalation, resume your initial lying position by going down bust and legs at the same time and slowly. Rest your body for a few seconds then repeat the exercise 5 times.