How To Lose Face Fat

How To Lose Face Fat

Many people wonder what to do to lose weight at the cheeks and chin. We will try to provide answers in this article.

The face is one of the many areas where fat accumulates during weight gain. Having chubby, cheeky cheeks and a double chin is one of the usual complaints in people who suffer from excess fat in the face. For other people, this may mean cheeks swollen like small balls. Knowing how to lose face in general and what to do to slim down cheeks can then become an important goal.

Some consider their double chin as a pain in the eyes, judging it to be unsightly and unsuitable for the structure of their face, and that it should be removed. Gold removing facial fat, losing weight cheeks and losing a double chin remain rather delicate processes.

To lose face and know how to degrease the cheeks requires to work hard (especially by doing exercises specifically targeting the cheeks and chin) for people who want to do it naturally and with a substantial budget for people who choose surgery aesthetic).

Losing facial fat takes time, but some procedures can really help reduce and firm the facies.

Be careful, do not try at all costs to get a skinny face too thin because a face too emaciated will make you look older and look bad.

Here are the tips to have a slimmer face and lose cheeks:

1) Physical exercise to burn the body’s overall fat

Doing regular exercise helps to slim down the body and there to lose face. So lose weight (to reduce the amount of overall fat in the body), burn your calories (try to burn at least 250 calories a day) and do aerobic exercises such as jogging or brisk walking. Adopt a more active lifestyle to get a mint and a thinner body (and lose cheeks in passing).

2) Making good food choices

Avoid eating refined sugars and sugary foods. Experts believe that food containing them can cause swelling and inflammation of the blood vessels. A swollen, more chubby face is the consequence. So, losing weight on the face goes through a better food selection.

Add foods that contain a lot of fiber and whole grains to your diet. Fill yourself with fresh vegetables and fruits (foods that contain plenty of water) to keep good health. Ideally, eat 250 calories less than your daily calorie requirements.

3) Constantly moisturizing your body

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Puffy cheeks can sometimes be caused by bloating which is a reaction of your body to a lack of water. So drink enough to avoid water retention and keep a thinner face (because your kettle keeps plenty of water). Slimming cheeks will look easier with good hydration.

4) Reduce the intake of alcohol and drink milk instead

Alcohol is known to bring too many calories to the body, while drinking 120cl of milk every day is known to help reduce fat. So, watch your drink choices. Losing cheeks or a double chin thus requires a removal of alcoholic beverages.

5) Pay attention to salt consumption

Salt is an active ingredient that causes bloating or retention of water. This is an ingredient that does not help you lose face. Use herbs and spices to avoid salty foods (chips, canned soups not labeled “low in salt”, soy sauce, tuna and canned salmon, etc.) and eat those that are healthy. If you want to add some salt to your kitchen recipe, do it with a sprinkler or sprinkle it with your hand instead of using a spoon. In this way, you will control the amount of salt brought to your food, and know better how to melt puffy cheeks.

6) Appropriate make-up

Make your makeup with the aim of making your cheeks and chin look thinner. Adopt a hairstyle that helps make your face slimmer instead of rounding it, losing the double chin of sight instead of highlighting it. If you can not yet lose cheeks, play with make-up (if you are a woman of course).

7) Plan a face massage in a spa

This massage will look like a facial workout session with the spa instead of the gym. Massage helps increase the metabolism of your face by making it more slender and fairly toned. You can also buy your favorite face products and make your own face massage. Always be sure to direct your massage upward when you are doing any arm movement on your facies. Your masseurs can help you lose cheeks and double chin.

8) Do not take over-the-counter drugs to treat small injuries

Some over-the-counter drugs can cause water retention in the face. If you can cure yourself of a sore throat or an elongation without drugs, your face will be better.

9) Increase calcium intake

Many studies have shown that consuming at least 1,200 milligrams of calcium (from dietary sources, mainly dairy) per day could allow for better overall body fat loss.

And one study found that 50% of women who consumed this recommended amount of calcium daily as nutrient supplements had less premenstrual syndrome (including water retention). So, next time you are looking for a snack, think of yoghurt or white cheese. Knowing how to lose cheeks goes through a selection of healthy snacks and high calcium.

10) Choosing the invasive method (surgery) as a last resort

Consult with an expert cosmetic surgeon (only the most experienced surgeons will be able to provide you with satisfactory results) for an oral fat extraction or facial liposuction. These procedures involve the removal of excess facial fat at the cheeks and double chin. This fat removal aims to give you a thinner facial structure. Surgery, although costly, remains obviously the most radical solution for losing cheeks.


Do not forget that to lose face and firm it up, you also have to do proper exercises.

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