How To Lose Your Double Chin? Tips and Exercises To Lose Fat Of The Neck

How To Lose Your Double Chin? Tips and Exercises To Lose Fat Of The Neck

The double chin is often a great cause of complexity. It is due to the accumulation of greasy tissue in the front of the neck. So how to lose his double chin? Here are 5 very simple and fast exercises help to remove the double chin and lose weight from the neck.

How To Lose His Double Chin? Tips and Exercises To Lose Weight Of the Neck

The double chin: why?

The double chin usually appears after 30 years in both women and men: a localized fat problem that can appear on the thighs, or the belly also.
As in all cases of fat stored in certain areas of the body, the double chin is most often due to too much physical inactivity, a few extra pounds, a diet too rich in sugars, salt, alcohol consumption.
It would also appear that people with fragile intestines (irritable bowel syndrome, or gluten intolerance) are more likely to have a double chin.

How to lose his double chin? 5 quick and effective exercises

In case of double chin, it is advisable, along with weight loss, to practice some exercises to tone chin and neck. Here are 5, to train one after another, and that will take you only a few minutes.
Choose a quiet time and place, and enjoy to relax at the same time! Inhale deeply, and exhale each time you move the chin .
For the first 4 exercises, adopt the same position at the beginning: sitting in a chair with the back straight against the back, shoulders and arms relaxed, hands on the knees.
Exercise 1
Move your chin as far as possible, keeping your head straight. Hold for 5 seconds, return and repeat 10 times.
Exercise 2
Slowly raise your head for 5 seconds. Close your eyes and block your breath for 5 seconds, with your lower lip above your upper lip, in an expression of “sulkiness.” Release slowly and return to the initial position. Repeat 10 times.
Exercise 3
Lean your head on the left side, hold that position and touch your palate with the tip of your tongue 10 times in a row. Come back, and repeat the same exercise on the right side.
Exercise 4
Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Then, with the head still horizontal, stretch it as far as possible upwards. Repeat 10 times.
Exercise 5
For this last exercise, lie on your back, and relax all the muscles of your face. Then slowly lift your head until your chin, then all your face touches your chest. Repeat 10 times. As you progress, gradually increase from 10 to 15 and then 20 times, until you reach 50 times in a row.
Tips: Do not forget to breathe, in deep breaths and expirations, whose length you will gradually lengthen. This breathing will be a great help to relax and achieve true well-being at the same time as you lose your double chin!

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