To have a flat stomach, no mystery, you have to do sports.
And especially work his abs.

So to learn how to muscle his abs easily using a swiss ball, we follow the advice of the coach of the stars: Julie Ferrez!

Quickly put on your sportswear, go for a workout.

Exercise of the crunch an arm for concrete abs

Sit on the swiss ball and gradually descend to almost seated position against the ball, with the buttocks lower than the shoulders.
Keep your legs apart at shoulder width and make sure your knees do not protrude beyond your heels.

Your back should follow the round curve of the swiss ball.

Tight perineum and navel retracted, stretch one arm and form a kind of support with the help of the second to hold your head.
Lay the shoulder blades on the swiss ball, then lift.

  • How much do I do?

15 repetitions with each arm.

  • The objective?

Work the abs on the side where the arm is raised.

The oblique crunch on swiss ball to develop his muscle abdominals

For this exercise, you must keep the same position as for the exercise of the “crunch an arm”.

Cross your hands behind your head.

Place the shoulder blades on the swiss ball and then lift up once to the right, once on the left.

  • How much do I do?

A series of 20 repetitions alternating both sides.

  • The objective?

Work the obliques to sculpt his abs.

Strengthen your abs with the sheathing exercise on swiss ball

On your knees facing the swiss ball, place your forearms on it while keeping the elbows well parallel.
Lift your buttocks, stretch your legs and spread them shoulder width apart and stay on tiptoe.

Be careful to keep your back straight.

  • How long do I care?

30 seconds for beginners, 1 minute for pro.

  • The objective?

Strengthen the large right, transverse muscle and obliques.