Hyperextension Or Back Extension

Hyperextension Or Back Extension

This exercise strengthens the lumbar and indirectly solicits a large number of the posterior chain muscles. Lumbar strong and muscled, in addition to being aesthetic, are very useful for many exercises where loads can be significant. This is notably the case of squat and Deadlift, but they also participate during the rows and some press.

Hyperextension Or Back Extension
Hyperextensions allow the lower back to work safely, without pressure on the vertebrae. Beginners are advised to include it in their routine for a flawless back, and eventually compensate for excess abdominal sets.
We can do the exercise in static (without moving) or in dynamics (movement from top to bottom), with body weight or weights.

Targeted muscles

Large and middle buttocks, posterior thighs (ischios), spinal muscles on each side of the spinal column, all the sacro-lumbar mass: spinous transverse, inter spinous, great complexus, spiny spike etc. In fact, to make it simple, all these muscles fill what is around the spine.

Execution of the exercise

Installed on the lumbar bench, the pelvis rests against the bench, the bust straight and horizontal, the chin against the chest and hands on the neck. Lower the bust slowly by about 30 ° C, without rounding the back. Go back to the starting position without going over the vertical (hyperextension).


Exhale in low position and inhale by opening the rib cage.

Safety instructions

Often, the bodybuilders raise their heads during exercise. This habit should be avoided. The chin should stay against the chest to avoid cervical hyperextension.
When you go up, do not go beyond the horizontal because this position – in hyperextension – shortens the spinal muscles. The stress then goes to the lumbar vertebrae with compression of the intervertebral disc.
If you are arched by nature (lumbar hyperlordosis), avoid doing too many lumbar exercises and strengthen your abdominals with crunches.
When you go down (eccentric phase), do not round your back. It must always remain straight.


There are two types of Roman chair, the horizontal or the inclined. It’s up to you to try the one you like the most. Due to lack of equipment, it is possible to perform the exercise on a flat bench with the help of a partner who keeps your legs still.

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