I Understood That You Had to Eat to Lose Weight

I Understood That You Had to Eat to Lose Weight

After spending half of her life on the diet, Claude, 47, has a peaceful relationship with food today. Story of her career, between mono-diets and excess food.

“It was New Year’s Eve,” says Claude, looking assured.“We dined at the restaurant with my husband, there were mirrors everywhere,” recalls the 47-year-old executive secretary. “At one point of the evening, I met my reflection and there… it was a shock, it was as if I saw myself for the first time”, says this ex-obsessional diets that, at time, weighs 115 kg for 1.70 meters.

“It happened to me to swallow one apple a day for three months”

Mirrors, Claude has long avoided them. A small “chubby” girl raised in a family of sportsmen, she enters very early in conflict with the food. “I remember my grandmother who found me ‘a little round’, my mother who gave a half baguette Nutella to my older brother to taste it while I was entitled to a slice. Reminds me of frustration and nibbling in secret, “she says again. At 18, Claude left her region to continue her studies in Troyes before joining Paris. In six months, the young woman who weighs 65 kilos then takes 30 more. “I was eating all the time, no matter how, the city was like a big supermarket, and when I got back to the station platform, my parents did not recognize me.”

From that moment, Claude connects the regimes. Apart from Dukan, “everyone goes there”, especially mono-diets based on fruits, vegetables or even yogurts. “It happened to me to swallow one apple a day for three months”. And to explain: “I have long thought that to lose weight, it was necessary to stop eating. I have always had this example in front of me: my mother – who still today forbids starchy foods – has come close to anorexia at a time My grandmother did not like to eat. “

On the side of her father, overweight is a taboo subject.“On the day of my marriage, after an umpteenth diet which I had lost several pounds, he first told me that he found me ‘beautiful’, before saying that I should not take it again. weight because it was hard to love me like that. “

“The yoyo effect is not a myth”

Whenever she sheds a few pounds, Claude takes them systematically, even double. “The yoyo effect is not a myth, if I lost five kilos I took ten,” she says. “I was depriving myself of so many things, over such long periods, that as soon as I reached my goal on the scale I threw myself on the food without taking any pleasure. “Until disrupting her metabolism. Obsessed by her variations of weight to the nearest gram, Claude, when she does not weigh herself up to five times a day, even at night, controls everything she eats. “My husband, who loves to cook, has sometimes been very tired of this situation,” she admits. In intimacy, relationships suffer.“At the time, I never looked at myself and, in fact, I could not bear him looking at me, yet he was always patient, he knew me with my extra pounds, he loved me still.”

Three years ago, following the famous “New Year’s Eve”, Claude immerses himself in the books of Gérard Apfeldorfer, psychiatrist, and Jean-Philippe Zermati, nutritionist. “For the first time, I discovered another way to approach the relationship to food, guilt-free”. In the process, she makes an appointment with the Parisian nutritionist Ariane Grumbach, discovered through her blog The art of eating . And to explain: “The Internet made me realize that I was not alone and, above all, that there were alternatives to diets.” Used by years of deprivation, Claude is at the time “at the end of the roll”.“When I met Ariane the first time, I told her,” It’s a matter of life and death! “

Stop associating food with punishment or reward

From then on, it’s a bit like a revolution on its plate: “No more food was forbidden to me… Of course, it was initially very destabilizing but little by little, I learned to reconnect to my body. “ Where once Claude could swallow thirty crepes at once, she is now content to enjoy two “with pleasure.” “Before, I was filling up because I knew that I was going to repive.” Even vegetables, long associated with “punishment” now find favor with her eyes. Better, “I’m surprised to feel like it!” she notes, also explaining not to worry about swallowing a pasta dish or a slice of pizza in the same day. “It’s not that bad.The next day, for sure, I would like something lighter.The body knows how to rebalance itself, just listen to the signals it sends.”

With this method, the weight loss is less dramatic – between her new diet and the gym where she goes three times a week, Claude has lost thirty pounds in three years, just under one. kilo a month- but it is durable. “Today, I can say that I found the food instinct, without associating the latter with a punishment or a reward.Mostly, I understood that to lose weight effectively, it was necessary to eat!”

Recovering self-esteem

As for the ideal weight, here again Claude has come a long way: “I do not weigh myself more than a few times a month, nor do I try to achieve a specific weight or even a size of clothing. I practice, I feel that I still have some pounds to lose here or there but it does not hurry.

When asked what message she would like to pass on to those who have a complicated relationship with the scale, Claude answers, “Be kind to yourself, because few people will be with you.” People do not realize that for a ‘fat person’, food, which is a vital necessity and which is on sale everywhere, is akin to a drug. It takes time to unlearn the more or less unhealthy mechanisms that have been put in place with but the self-esteem one gets from it is worth every regime. “

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