How To Improve Your Speed Endurance With Pyramidal Repetition?

How To Improve Your Speed Endurance With Pyramidal Repetition?

To be able to chain sharp and precise movements, use the system of pyramidal repetition.

How To Improve Your Speed Endurance With Pyramidal Repetition

After Exercise 1, go to Exercise 2 while beginning with 1 sequencing, then 2, 3 and 4. And start again with decreasing number of movements. Do the same with exercise 3. Make as many sets as possible in 15 minutes.

1 – Punch + squat with dumbbells

Punch and squat with dumbbells

A dumbbell of 5 kg in each hand, chain 32 direct alternating left and right hand. Then, arms out along the body, spread the feet a little more than the width of the hips. Descend the bust by bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor and go up deeply. Do 16 squats. Repeat the entire sequence 1 time.


2 – Pumps + alternating Draw

Pumps and alternating Draw

Place two six-sided dumbbells on the floor and press it down to perform a complete pump movement (down in 2 seconds, ascending in 1). Draw: in the high position, raise the right dumbbell up under your armpit by tightening the shoulder blade. Rest the dumbbell and repeat with the left arm. Take 1 second to raise the dumbbell and 2 to lower it.

3- Jump Squat + forearm flexion (curl)

Jump Squat and forearm flexion

A dumbbell in each hand, arms along the body, put yourself in squat position, legs a little more apart than the width of the hips. Push with the heels to jump back up – land gently on the front of the feet, then on the heels. Curl: Once stabilized, arms along the body, lift the dumbbells without moving the biceps. Take 1 second to lift the weights and 2 to take them down. Chain…

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