Lymphatic Drainage: To Fluidify Circulation, Detoxify and Lose Cellulite!

Lymphatic Drainage: To Fluidify Circulation, Detoxify and Lose Cellulite!

Cellulitis, swollen legs, apparent venules, blue at the slightest shock? It is quite possible that your lymphatic system is somewhat deficient and leads to water retention. Learn lymphatic drainage, a draining massage, and some good drainers and gestures to know!
Lymphatic Drainage To Fluidify Circulation Detoxify and Lose Cellulite

Lymphatic system, water retention and cellulite

The lymphatic system is a network that drains excess fluid from cells and tissues through the body. The lymphatic vessels collect the fluid which is filtered from the blood vessels: the lymph.
The role of lymphatic circulation is to collect and destroy toxins, bacteria, abnormal cells, and provide a transport network for immune cells.
Just let your lymphatic system be a little lazy, and hop, you swell! Water retention occurs when the body stores more water than it removes. This phenomenon, which is as unattractive as it is disagreeable, particularly affects women, whether round or thin. In addition, moderate water retention – between 2 and 3 kilograms of overweight – will not be diagnosed as such.
If your legs are swollen, your ankles thick and heavy, if you take pounds from one day to another, lymphatic drainage can help you alleviate water retention and, say some, decrease cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump such as the heart to circulate the lymph. This autonomous circulation must be re-educated by a specific massage: the lymphatic drainage, which only certain qualified physiotherapists correctly practice.
This professional massage is called manual lymphatic drainage. The two best known techniques are the Voder and Leduc methods. The draining massage includes pressure to pump the lymphatic system, and then “wave” maneuvers to activate the circulatory system.
These sessions in the physiotherapist are very effective, but have a lasting effect. You can also relieve yourself from natural lymphatic drainage.

Natural Lymphatic Drainage

What is Lymphatic Drainage? Some plants and essential oils are natural lymph drainers: dandelion, piloselle, artichoke, essential oils of peppermint, rosewood and palmarosa. It is possible to find in the trade detox drinks and slimming creams that can accompany the drainage.
Here is a mid-drainage lymphatic massage that you can practice at home:
Pump, through rhythmic and soft pressures:
With the fingers flat: the hollows of the stomach, on each side of the pelvis and groins above and between the thighs.
With hands flat: on each side of the thigh, from the knee to the pelvis, in the hollows behind the knee. Then on each side of the leg, from the ankle to the knee, then around the protruding bone of the ankle.
Reassemble by pressing both hands: along the foot, then the leg and thigh.
Then repeat the pressures in the opposite direction from the beginning: starting from the ankles to end up the hollow under the stomach.
The most important is to apply some very simple steps in your daily life:
Drink a lot ! When our body receives its content with water, it has no reason to retain it. Prefer flat water or iced green tea.
Move a little : swim, pedal, run. The so-called endurance sports, which stimulate the arch of the foot, are advised to reduce the cellulite.

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