Reinvent Push ups Variations to Build Your Whole Body

Reinvent Push ups Variations to Build Your Whole Body

Transform your classic exercise into a complete program to develop all your muscles with our special guide including all the most beneficial variants for your body.

1- Test your strength with push ups

Performing 50 push ups in 1 minute is a standard fitness assessment protocol. ” But we rarely see anyone doing a single rep with perfect technique ,” says Rob Shaul, founder of Strong Swift Durable training facilities. So when a guy tells me that he can align 50 push ups in 1 minute, I ask him to do the exercise with a complete stop down, that is to say down to the ground and raising his hands at the end of the movement. 

This pause makes it necessary to work in full amplitude and suppresses the help provided by the myotatic reflex, that is to say the tendency of a muscle to shorten instinctively when it is stretched.


We do not cheat. ” It’s really a test of strength, ” says Shaul. To test yours and improve it, follow these directions.

Push up test with complete stop

Departure in facial support, feet joined, rectilinear body, arms extended vertically, hands spread a little less than the width of the shoulders. Bring the body to the ground, take off your hands, pause, then reposition them on the ground and go back in an explosive movement. Perform the max reps in 60 seconds. The average is 20. Doing 30 is exceptional.

Boost your strength

Integrate push up with complete shutdown in three of your weekly sessions. Make 5 reps by following the chart below for the number of reps. Test yourself again after 4 weeks. Repeat this cycle of 4 weeks until you reach your goal, 30 reps with perfect technique.

Week 1: 40% of your total planned

Week 2: 40% of your total planned

Week 3: 50% of your total planned

Week 4: 60% of your planned total

Push ups progressing pyramids

One leg



Make a push up with one leg off the ground with feet together.

Cast push ups



Start inverted V-shaped body, dive down the pelvis to the max and stretch out your arms.








On return, bring one knee to the chest. Change legs at each rep.

Slammed push ups




Make a push up, and then back up forcefully to propel the body and snap your hands.

2 – Transform classic push ups into a whole body session

If for you the “repulsion in facial support” is a simple exercise among others, you do not know the potential. “By combining different variations, we build a session to do anywhere,” says Martin Rooney, founder of Training for Warriors. Try his push up protocol in pyramid progression!


Start at the bottom of the pyramid, on the left. As you progress up the pyramid on one side and descend on the other, perform the number of reps indicated in the black circle for each exercise. Rest as long as necessary depending on your fitness level, ie:
Beginner: Between each exercise.
Intermediate: Top (between the knee-elbow push up sets).
Confirmed: At the end. Repeat.

3 – The challenge of the push ups on one arm

It is the fault of Rocky Balboa if the push ups on one arm have become the exercise of reference which separates the champions of the jolts! “This is the pinnacle of technical achievement and strength,” says Mike Fitch, Global Bodyweight Training coach.

This exercise allows you to apply equally to both arms. By mobilizing deeper muscles in the trunk than regular push ups, it forces them to work harder to maintain the pelvis and the stability of the entire body. 

Master it

Twice a week, perform – as a circuit – the exercises below (“progress to the push ups on one arm”). You will chained the movements with 60 seconds of rest between each. Plan 3 circuits. Each week, decrease the elevation for Exercise 1 (thus, you will go from a high support to a weight bench, then an aerobics step) to achieve 5 reps performed with flawless technique.

Progression to the push ups on one arm

An elevated arm


Spread your feet, one hand on a stand. Do 1 to 5 reps and change hands.

Knee on the floor


Palm left hand, fingers of the right hand on the ground. Raise your left leg. 5 reps on each side.

Staggered hands

3Spread one hand more than the other. Do 10 reps and change hands.

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