Rhodiola Is a Plant Against Burnout?

Rhodiola Is a Plant Against Burnout?

Burnout causes many victims each year. To help them, dietary supplements made from rhodiola could be effective.

new study published in the journal Neuropsychitatric Disease and Treatment shows that daily supplements of rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) can improve the symptoms of burnout, more commonly known as burnout. These results come from the first trial that evaluated the effect of a rhodiola extract on this modern disease.

Burnout is a growing burden in our modern world, both in terms of health but also from an economic point of view. It is defined by the World Health Organization as ” a feeling of intense fatigue, loss of control and inability to achieve concrete results at work “. The symptoms range from psychiatric disorders or mood (fatigue, cynicism, altered sex life, lack of concentration, negative attitude towards work) to somatic symptoms (headaches, hypertonia…).

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) grows in very cold and high altitude regions. Scientists have identified about 140 chemical compounds in its roots, including phenolic compounds, flavonoids and rosavin. Only its root is used in herbal medicine.

Previous studies have shown the effectiveness of rhodiola to relieve stress, mental and physical fatigue, depression or to stimulate energy. The ability of the rhodiola to strengthen the body against stress and its good tolerance offer an interesting approach in the treatment of burnout,” write the authors.

In this essay, it was a question of increasing the resistance to stress and thus of treating the “source” of the burnout. For this, 118 participants suffering from a burnout took a supplement of 400 mg of rhodiola extract daily for 12 weeks. The evolution of symptoms was evaluated with several questionnaires.

Results: The majority of symptoms improved during the study from the first week of treatment. Among the most impacted symptoms are physical and emotional exhaustion, fatigue and lack of joy. In addition, participants reported an increase in their interest in sexuality.

This is a first trial, done more without a control group, but it provides encouraging initial data for the establishment of randomized controlled trials in the future. Rhodiola, considered as an adaptogenic plant, already enters the composition of dietary supplements targeting stress .

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