The “Shower Orange”: The Strange Trend That Makes The Buzz

The “Shower Orange”: the Strange Trend That Makes The Buzz

A strange well-being trick circulates on the Web: it consists of eating oranges … In the shower.

The Shower Orange the Strange Trend That Makes The Buzz

You can not imagine a breakfast without squeezed juices. This habit is your morning boost to fuel the day. This reflex would have passed from fashion to believe the latest strange trend that circulates on social networks: “the shower with orange”. It is not (yet) to spread zest of orange under the water but to eat his orange during his morning toilet. This far-fetched idea is part of the Reddit community site before becoming a follower.


In the opinion of the convinced, this vitamin gesture would have a therapeutic aspect, a liberating aspect. The “act” would even have something enjoying to the limit of fetishism for the most fervent practitioners. Among the comments and exchanges of experiences to be enjoyed on Reddit, here is a crisp extract reported by BuzzFeed US : “Tear this fresh orange with your hands and let the juice flow on your body. Do not worry about having sticky hands. Make a hole in the middle of the orange and tear it with the force of your teeth like a wild cannibal who has not eaten for a week! It is the most carnal, ferocious and liberating thing Man can do “.

To date, the subject “shower orange” is followed by more than 9,000 members on Reddit. What to leave dubious consumers “classic” orange. Anyway, the best solution to enjoy the nutritional richness (vitamins, fibers, minerals) remains to savor an orange peeled but not pressed … Before or after the shower, it is another story.

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