A tonic and firm skin before summer

With silicon and kombuchka. These two active ingredients of the cosmeto restore firmness to the skin by doping collagen and elastin. Great for draining a good shot and facilitating product penetration.

The right tempo: 3 times a day on the arms, the belly and / or the inside of the thighs.

In the shower: with these treatments based on toning extracts. By insisting on the weak points, belly, buttocks and thighs with energetic movements, type palpate-roll, at temperature of the Atlantic, before rinsing.

The right tempo: every day for 15 days.

A good little Pounds less (no, no more. Yes, that’s enough)

Bet on protein. Because they are difficult to assimilate, they force the body to burn a lot more calories.

Benefits? Less fat, and no muscle wasted.

Be careful though: to follow this flash, you have to be in good shape; And it should not be extended beyond these fifteen days.

How to use: the first 4 days, you will be entitled only to eggs, yogurts or white cheese 0%, ham, skinless chicken, grilled white meat and fish (except sardines, mackerels, fatty fish)… But in large quantities. From the fifth day, you can reintroduce the green vegetables.

The right tempo: morning, noon and … evening!

Drink smart. With water flavored with draining plants, type birch, fennel, dandelion. Or green tea, which calms the feeling of hunger and facilitates the melting of fat cells. The treatment should not exceed fifteen days.

In daily bottles, M-Capiton 10, Milical. In bottle ready, Minci Fluid, Microfluid. Pour into a large bottle, Aqua Ligne, Vitarmonyl. At the time of the tea, Tea Green, Kusmi Tea or Lipton.

The right tempo: 1 liter every day for 2 weeks.

A body sculpted and muscular for the summer

They are more concentrated in active ingredients than conventional slimming gels. For the belly, which is one of the first areas to lose its firmness, and where fats and sugars have an unfortunate tendency to accumulate: Elancyl Special Lipo-Reducing Belly; No Complex Fluid, stomach and waist, Givenchy; Cream Sublime Slimming, belly, Sculpte Zone, Vie Collection.

For the buttocks and thighs, it’s the application that makes all the difference. Use the edge of the hand, like a butter knife, pressing hard, to get the assets well penetrated. Green Tea Oil, Queen of Sheba; Or Oil Skin Orange Skin, Cellumine Bio, Super Diet.

Cream with a roll-on massaging, to facilitate the work: Bodytonic, Garnier; Chrono Minceur, Institut Arnaud; Gel Performance Slimming, Arkopharma. The right tempo: evening and morning for 2 weeks for classic treatments.

On your plate. Start by eating slowly (with chopsticks, for example, to slow down the pace of meals). Remove fermenting foods, such as dairy products (except sheep and goat cheeses) and broccoli and cabbage vegetables.

Prefer high fiber foods such as cereals and wholemeal bread. Also, cooked fruit (compotes), outside meals, around 11 am or 4 pm, when you have a small dip. The right tempo: every day for 15 days.

Triumphant breasts to get into a bikini!

They are the Era of Cosmeto, both invisible and clinging. In less than a week, where you have conscientiously applied them by drawing “eight” from the base of the breasts at the base of the neck, you will see them recovering from their plumb.

Sail Galbant Tensor Bust, Maria Galland; Lotion Stretch Bust, Dr. Pierre Ricaud; Bust Firming Complex, Shiseido Body Creator; Tensor Serum Bust Bust, Thalassothys, Sothys; Concentrated Essential Firmness, bust, lower abdomen, Caudalie; Concentrated Firming Bust, Valmont. The right tempo: every day, evening and morning, for 15 days.

On all fours, arms outstretched (but not too much) and chin tucked in, lower your chest by bending your arms as if you were doing pumps.

Bring your shoulders and face as close to the ground as possible without moving your legs. Return to your original position.

The right tempo: 2 sets of 20 movements per day the first week, then 20 more movements the following week.

Soft and smooth skin

Avoid loofa and other horsehair gloves, which store bacteria, attack the epidermis and skin moles.

Choose a synthetic glove that you can wash at 70 °C and soften the scrub by systematically pouring a small amount of moisturizing milk on the glove. The right tempo: every 2 days for 15 days.

Naturally less abrasive but equally effective over time, exfoliating cream or gel treatments have the enormous advantage of reconstructing the hydrolipidic film of the skin after the scrub.

Exfoliant Body Glamor Factory, Monoprix Beauty; Scrub Crazy Grapefruit, Sephora; Fine grain, body scrub, Cloud of silk, Jeanne Piaubert. The right tempo: every 3 or 4 days for 15 days, insisting on rough areas (elbows, knees, heels and … buttocks!)