Smartphone Applications That Make You Lose Weight

Smartphone Applications That Make You Lose Weight

According to an American study, participants have managed to lose weight through smartphone applications! Indeed, they simply had to record their caloric intake and physical activity daily to succeed in losing the extra pounds. Would we be facing a revolution against overweight and obesity 2.0?

Many technological “gadgets” to lose weight

In the international market, we can see a lot of fitness gadgets circulating. Between the FitBit, the Wii Fit and the Nike FuelBand, some brands have based the business on a current problem around the world: overweight and obesity. In addition, many apps are out to lose weight, such as Lose it, which calculates the calories amassed and spent, which has graphical tools showing the distribution of his meals… Or, there is KcalMe, a calculator application calories.

Does this have any effects?

The Northwestern University study shows that these smartphone apps can help shed pounds ! The experiment was conducted on 69 adult men, whose average age was 58, overweight.

What about apps as aids to weight loss?

These applications are nothing more than automated food stamps. No doubt it allows you to better know what you eat, to know the caloric level consumed, but these apps do not help to solve the problems that make us eat too much. They do not make it possible to modify the eating behavior and to better listen to their food sensations, and do not address the emotional problems that lead to overeating. They may focus people on the caloric value consumed, and make an obsession. In fact, these apps are nothing more than a form of diet!

With us, we are in a completely different setting. Our articles support you step by step. The program will help you relearn how to follow your appetite, enjoy your meals, enjoy eating, and eventually solve a number of emotional difficulties. So you will lose weight without depriving yourself.

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