Standing Calf Raise

Standing Calf Raise

This muscle building exercise strengthens and develops the calf, especially the twins all over, due to the stretched james position. The twins are made of slow fibers and fast fibers, so it will be necessary to work them in long and short sets. It is best to start your calf session by weight training exercises such as standing calf raise and ending with sitting exercises.

Standing Calf Raise

Targeted muscles

Twin, soleus and peroneus are mainly solicited by this exercise.
The twins are part of the triceps surae, with the soleus, and are inserted on the bottom of the femur. They merge at the level of the Achilles tendon with the soleus.

Execution of exercise

This exercise can be carried out on one leg or on a specific machine for the calf. Standing, maintaining balance with one hand, tiptoe on the wedge. Climb up as high as possible by pulling hard and lowering as low as possible. Do not bend the knee to give an impulse. Avoid working with fully stretched legs. If necessary, use ballast to add difficulty to exercise.
For the version on the calf machine, adjust the weight and place under the flanges. Lift the load, position legs almost stretched. Move up and down with the calf in the upper position. Replace the load with the back straight.


Breathe in as the load descends and exhale upward. Keep the abdominals contracted and the bust straight.

Safety instructions

Use a wedge to work in maximum amplitude, this allows a greater development of the muscles. Adding weight gradually, you must allow time for the Achilles tendon to adapt.
On this exercise the heavy load rests on the spine, so be careful to keep the vertebrae well aligned so do not bend or lean too far forward. Consider stretching your calves at the end of the workout to maintain your flexibility.


Seated work solicits more the soleus and the one standing twins. The position of the feet in duck, tip of the feet towards the outside, makes it possible more to stress the internal part of the twins. Conversely, if the tip of the feet is directed inwards, the work will be carried on the outer part of the twins.
This exercise can be performed on one leg with a dumbbell in the free hand, on a calf machine, in the Smith machine or even with a free barbell on the trapezium. In the latter case, the balance will be difficult to maintain.

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