Starting Bodybuilding After 40 Years?

Starting Bodybuilding After 40 Years?

There is no age to start bodybuilding! Evidence, more and more people, over 40 years old, are turning to this activity to get back in shape. Yet there are still many who hesitate, often because they are hampered by prejudices or simply because they do not know how to do it. The fear of hurting yourself, of looking ridiculous, of not getting results, here are some examples of what can stop them from taking the plunge. This article will demonstrate all these prejudices and explain how to start bodybuilding after 40 years.

Is it possible to get muscle after 40 years?

Some people seem to think that from age 40, there is no point in resuming physical activity, especially bodybuilding, since it will not be possible for them to build muscle.

Yet even from this age, all is not lost. Obviously, it would be a lie to say that muscle building will be as easy as 20 years. For the older the body, the lower its growth potential and the harder it is to recover. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to take muscle.

Moreover, if you are a complete beginner, you should progress well for a few years before you really run into difficulties of stagnation. If you were also a bit sporty before, then you will gain time to learn the moves and feel comfortable in your practice. In short, your progress will only be better.

Rest assured, there’s no reason you’re more ridiculous than another newbie practitioner.Everyone started somewhere. In addition, adopting bodybuilding a little late shows an awareness, a desire to improve your body or your health. Which is quite respectable. By practicing bodybuilding, you can stay in shape much older and prevent the risk of osteoporosis. You can also fight against muscle degeneration.

Precautions to take

If you have chosen to start bodybuilding, it is probably to get a more aesthetic body and enjoy the benefits of physical activity on health. It would be a shame to hurt you or use your body prematurely. We must therefore adopt good habits.

First of all, it is obviously recommended not to skip the steps and start training at a low level and with appropriate weights, even if it may seem humiliating. So you do not need to try to impress your room neighbors by taking on weight right from the start. This would be the best way to hurt yourself.

Before training, it is also important to warm up well. As you get older, the body becomes more fragile, so you have to be even more vigilant and prepare yourself for the effort, otherwise you risk an injury.

Then, the work of flexibility must be an indispensable facet of the training. This is already true for a younger practitioner, and it’s even more important as you get older. Indeed, the lack of flexibility can become disabling, it increases the risk of injury and can cause wear of the joints.

Finally, it is never useless to consult the doctor before the resumption of a physical activity. This person will be able to verify that you do not suffer from any health problem that would hinder your practice. He will make sure, for example, that your heart is well.

How to train after 40 years?

In fact, the basics of training remain the same as for a 20 year old. However, as noted above, the body of a 40-year-old is no longer as strong and can not recover as quickly.

It is therefore necessary to avoid cheating during the movements. These must be perfectly executed. Indeed, being younger, practitioners tend to feel invincible and always want to nibble an extra repetition, even cheat. But in the long run, this kind of habit ends up being paid for and injuries are more frequent.

Movement must also be well controlled and slow enough to reduce injuries to joints and tendons. Repetitions do not need to be explosive to stimulate muscles. Better to reduce speed after 40 years to preserve your health.

How to eat after 40 years?

As you get older, the metabolism becomes less active. In addition, the body has more difficulty eliminating certain toxins. It is therefore rather recommended to avoid too much excess. It is better to train while trying to maintain your weight, even eating slightly more than your needs, but no more. Alternating periods of large doses of mass and dry may not give very good results because you will have more difficulty in losing fat while you may store very quickly.

Also avoid too much partying and therefore drink excessive alcohol. The body of a 40-year-old takes much longer to recover from such events.

Taking certain supplements can be a plus, including omega-3 and glucosamine to help joints and a multi-vitamin product to avoid any deficiency.

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