The Top 10 Mind Foods

The Top 10 Mind Foods

Fish, red beans, nuts or tea, discover the 10 foods that boost your memory and hold your brain awake.

The Top 10 Mind Foods

Fish and seafood

For omega-3 (sardine, mackerel, salmon) and iodine. This mineral is indispensable to the thyroid gland, one of the conductors of mood and mental work. It also participates in the assimilation of the amino acids of the brain. The seafood is very rich in iron needed for the formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen to the brain.

Olive oil

Good fat, protective polyphenols: this is the best fatty substance. The olive is even more interesting!


Their protective sulfur compounds neutralize certain molecules toxic to the brain.


Sugars with a moderate glycemic index for a long-lasting energy supply to the brain … all without gluten.

Red beans

B vitamins good for the nervous system … Anxiolytic inositol sharpens reflexes. And choline, which boosts learning in juniors, also plays a neuroprotective and anti- Alzheimer’s role in seniors.


A source of pyridoxine that helps regulate neurotransmitters, ensuring the transmission of messages from one neuron to another.

Green leafy vegetables

Spinach, lamb’s lettuce, watercress, arugula, chard, aromatic herbs … Equal calorie intake, they are richer in protein, minerals and omega3 than other green vegetables.


Anti-inflammatory fats and anti-cholesterol phytosterols, fibers and amino acids preserving the arteries: a snack of choice for the brain.

Red or black berries

Little sweetened, packed with vitamins, antioxidants and protective molecules, these are the only fruits explicitly recommended in this diet. The others are beneficial but sweeter, so consume with moderation.


To drink without sugar or milk, it protects the arteries with its tannins (antioxidants) and promotes the secretion of serotonin and dopamine.

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