Things to Accomplish Pre, During and Post Diet

Things to Accomplish Pre, During and Post Diet

> Tips to remember before, during and after a weight loss program.
Things to Accomplish Pre during and Post Diet

There are actions you should take before you start dieting, but also during and then after. Accomplishing these actions will help you achieve your goal much more easily.

1) Before a Diet

  • Schedule, Plan: If you can not plan, then you plan not to succeed,
  • Ask yourself if you are actually ready to go on a diet,
  • Let people know that you are trying to lose weight, this can help you find a diet buddy more easily,
  • Keep a food journal every day to record everything you eat (solid and liquid foods),
  • Hunting unhealthy foods from your kitchen,
  • Set a realistic weight loss goal, then make a list of reasons why you should seek to reach it,
  • Prepare a list of rewards (which are not based on power) that you can afford each time you reach a mini-goal.

2) During a Diet

  • Understand your weight loss personality: impulsive, tenacious, sociable, anxious, negligent, etc.
  • Do not forget to do sports or other physical activities,
  • Commit to keeping in mind the goal of initial weight loss, stay focused and motivated,
  • Do not yield to all food temptations,
  • Do not starve yourself (avoid eating is not a lasting solution to slim down),
  • Do not punish yourself if you step back one step,
  • Do not skip breakfast or any other meal.

3) After a Diet

  • Analyze your calorie intake to control post-diet weight gain,
  • Eat more, but not too much either,
  • Increase your physical workout volume to compensate for the extra foods you will be eating again,
  • Stay accountable to foods by measuring progress,
  • Plan your meals and be careful when eating out (at the restaurant, at friends’ place).

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