Discover the method to lose weight easily without starvation, without food supplement or suppression of food groups. How? It’s about rebalancing your way of eating and exercising.

Tips To Lose 4 Pounds In One Week

Yeah, losing weight requires some small sacrifices.

Start by adopting a balanced diet to lose weight

  • Drink mainly water

An energy drink, a smoothie, a light beer … each of these drinks contains a hundred calories. However, these drinks will not stall you in the same way as a 100-calorie serving of food.

Drink as much water as you can during the day! The strangest in all this: water helps you eliminate the overflow of water present in your body. It’s cornelian but it’s like that. No more legs that swell …

  • No to white bread and pasta

Forget the white bread, rice and pasta. They cause bloating, if digested ultra fast, they wreak havoc on your weight and leave you feeling hungry in the afternoon.

  • Make a mini sacrifice.

This week, say no to the cake share after dessert or at the little snack in front of the television. You will quickly realize that frustration will disappear very quickly. An effort of more quickly rewarded on the scale!

  • Eat salmon for lunch.

The salmon is full of nutrients. It strengthens muscle tone and gives radiance to your skin. Some nutritionists even claim that salmon, no matter how it is cooked, helps to refine the face. Natural contouring in short.

  • Make yourself an anti-bloating herbal tea

That said disrupted digestion means difficulty in eliminating and therefore losing weight. Herbal tea is a remedy not only natural, but also very effective against bloating and constipation. Result? A flat stomach guaranteed.

Doing sports to lose weight

  • Thirty minutes of cardio per day

Any cardio session is good to take. But, if you can focus on an activity that causes many of your body’s muscles to work, it’s even better.

The three sports to be preferred during this intensive week: Spinning bike, Kick Boxing or even boot-camp training. Half an hour of these different sports makes you burn on average 200 to 300 calories. Bonuses: they are also perfect for toning your arms, your legs …

  • Drink coffee one hour before your workout

The only exception to Rule 1. Just like a coffee mug makes your morning work more productive, a cup before your exercise will allow you to maximize your sporting performance. Dr. Klaus explains “you will burn more calories without realizing it because you will be more resistant to stress! “.

  • Make some sets of squats

Bodybuilders use this technique just before a competition. Making three sets of 12 squats allows you to give more contour and relief to your abs, legs and buttocks temporarily.

Wellness reflexes for weight loss

  • Sleep 30 more minutes