To Lose Weight, Sport is More Effective For Men

To Lose Weight, Sport is More Effective For Men

According to a new American study, physical activity would be more effective for men than women when used for slimming purposes.

To Lose Weight, Sport is More Effective For Men

And an additional injustice, one! According to a new study coordinated by the University of Colorado (in the United States) to be presented this week at the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, physical exercise for slimming would not be as effective for women Than in men …

To reach this (tragic) conclusion, American researchers have been working with rats. For 10 weeks, they were given an intensive sports program on a treadmill; In parallel, they were fed a diet high in fat. Result? Male rats who had regularly exercised on the treadmill had lost more weight and had less appetite than the male sedentary control group.

More surprising: at the end of the experiment, female rats had, of course, lost weight compared to female rats in the control group, but this weight loss was not significant since the appetite of sporting rodents had not decreased.

For men, a decrease in appetite

The node of the problem is interleukin 6 (IL-6), a protein made especially by the cells of the immune system and muscle cells. It has many functions: IL-6 intervenes in the process of wound healing and coagulation, promotes the production of antibodies and is involved in several anti-inflammatory reactions. In short, it is indispensable.

American researchers found that regular physical exercise in males led to a decrease in the level of IL-6 present in the hypothalamus, which would have an impact on appetite. On the other hand, in females, the level of IL-6 measured at the level of the hypothalamus was higher at the end of the 10 weeks of training, which would correspond to the opposite effect…

There is no question of hanging up the sneakers: if sport is less effective at losing weight for women, regular physical activity (at least 30 minutes a day) protects our health, libido and morale. And if you adopt a balanced diet, the effects on the silhouette are quickly seen…

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