To Stay Thin, Do You Have To Get 2 or 3 Meals a Day?

To Stay Thin, Do You Have To Get 2 or 3 Meals a Day?

An American observational study, over 7 years and 50,000 adults, delivers the practices of those who remained thin with regard to the frequency of meals.

To Stay Thin Do You Have To Get 2 or 3 Meals a Day

Eating too much leads to overweight and obesity, which causes most doctors to advocate three meals a day, so as to harmoniously spread food intake over the day and avoid snacks or meals too rich. Already undermined by some studies of intermittent fasting, this creed of three meals a day to stay slim and healthy is again dehorned by a large-scale study that observed the dietary habits of 50,660 American adults.

Researchers at Linda Loma University (California) studied the relationship between meal frequency, their schedules and the body size of healthy adults over 30 years of age, followed for about 7 years. Participants were asked for their weights and body mass index (BMI) at the beginning of the study and then once a year. Volunteers also regularly completed questionnaires on their eating habits.

Results: it is better to do 2 meals a day rather than 3. And rather than skipping breakfast, better not to eat at night to stay slim. A fasting of 18 h before breakfast was indeed associated with a modest but significant decrease in BMI over the years. The best course: the most plentiful meal is in the morning, the lunch is normal and the food intake is low or none at night.

These results corroborate those of the intermittent fasting studies and the Fasting method of JB Rives (if he prefers to skip breakfast, he also proposes to suppress the evening meal, the important thing being that he does not eat during Less 4 pm every day).



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