Training Session and Nutrition Plan to Achieve 10% Body Fat

Training Session and Nutrition Plan to Achieve 10% Body Fat

You are closer to the abs than you have ever been! If you’re at 15% body fat and looking to be even lower, here’s how to lose 5% body fat and see the results.

If you have achieved 15% body fat, you are already exercising regularly, you probably count your macros and the amount of food you ingest at each meal and you eat healthy. Here is a negative effect of body fat loss: the lower your body fat percentage, the more difficult it is to lose 1% or 2% more.

Once you’ve reached 15% body fat, losing more is a fitness issue,” says Jim White, a sports psychologist and owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

If you want to reach 10% body fat (or even less), it’s time to eat and train like an athlete. If you have more body fat, you need to focus more on nutrition. Everything revolves around training sessions, that is to say, bodybuilding. “The less body fat you have, the more muscle mass that will make your body feel better ,” says Joe Holder, S10 gym coach, Nike coach, race coach, and founder of the Ocho System.

You must work as seriously as an athlete. ” Do not forget how low the percentage of the population with 10% body fat is. They are bodybuilders, fitness competitors and athletes. You must be willing to do what others do not do, “says White.

How to reach the 10% of body fat

1. Eat to give you energy

To be below 15%, you have to give the best energy to your body,” says White. Eat chicken without sauce, 5-9 servings of fruits or vegetables a day, choose the leanest protein possible, the best fats possible (nuts, oils, chia seeds), eliminate most saturated fats and consume not only good carbohydrates, but also very rich ones like quinoa, ancient grains, brown rice and sweet potatoes “. Of course, you have to savor the food, but if your goal is to look as human as possible, you need to prioritize what foods offer to your body and not the taste they have.

2. Spend better on your calories

When you have extra 10kg, you have to eat fewer calories to lose weight. However, when you have 15% body fat, you need to get muscle, which can mean you have to eat more, says Holder. You need muscles to burn fat and calories to build muscles. At this stage, you lose weight if you ingest less or a little more calories than before. The most important factor is to increase carbohydrate intake before and after your workout to give you energy and recovery. Ingest also at least 1.5 grams of protein for every kilo of your body weight.

3. Stop the alcohol

At 15% body fat, you can still drink beers from time to time during the week with your friends, but to get to 10% you should not drink more than two or three alcoholic beverages and only once a week, says White. Alcohol is part of the category” small pleasures “that you can allow yourself once or twice a week. Stick to low-color, juice-free drinks such as vodka with soda and lime.

4. Go to the basics

Unfortunately, diets to get below 15% body fat are boring. You have to count your macros and avoid the caloric and salty but tasty sauces (especially the BBQ sauce), which means that you probably eat the same ingredients or almost every day: skinless chicken breast, steamed vegetables and rice brown. Of course, you can eat very healthily, but unless you want to spend hours in the kitchen every day, you should find five meals that allow you to ingest the right number of macros and prepare them for six to seven days to that time.

5. Look for foods you can avoid

To go below 15% body fat, your margin of error is reduced .”You may be drinking your coffee with cream. It only contains 30 calories, but if you drink it every day for a week, it’s 200 calories you could avoid. Consider every liquid you consume outside of the water (including oils and sauces) and look for healthy foods like protein bars and pre-made smoothies.

6. Hire a nutritionist

If you can not find the elements you can remove from your already healthy diet to how to give energy and your body to get muscle, bring the notebook in which you write down what you eat to a certified dietician. Not only does he know how to find forbidden foods, but he can also look at peripheral factors such as stress and sleep.

7. Stop the takeaway

You probably already have restaurants that make healthy salads or the perfect salmon fillet, but the food prepared by other people is dangerous when it comes to calories. Unless you control exactly what’s on your plate, do not go to the restaurant once or twice a week, White advises.

8. Be in a good state of mind

” When it comes to thinking, what separates the 15% from the 10% is concentration .”We talk about dedication to prepare meals, responsibilities and a social life with people who support you. Fitness and nutrition should be your first concern. What gets you out of motivation (friends who do not understand why you can not go back to a beer or a job that only allows you to sleep for five hours a night) must be justified and what motivates you (take action and progress) must be privileged.

The training plan to achieve 10% body fat

To reach 15%, you probably go to the gym four or five days a week for muscle and conditioning. Vital Note: If for any reason you enter the gym for the first time, it is essential to start conditioning from the beginning to build a base and avoid injury.

The ideal training plan

Remember, you need to focus on muscle development. This means that your workouts should focus on burning the remaining fat. They will allow you to both muscle and lose fat.

You’ll train six days a week, but as you increase the intensity, make sure your workouts do not exceed 75 minutes, Holder advises.

Your goal for the week should look like this:

Day 1 – strength + conditioning

Start with strength training and add conditioning. All your workouts must include multi-directional movements to increase stability and work all your small muscles. Holder likes to have the same raised compounds in each workout session for strength with a different number of repetitions and another tempo each week.

Start with bench presses, squats, deadlifts and push-ups at 75% of your maximum, eight sets of eight reps with 60 to 75 seconds of rest between sets.

For conditioning, do 40m weight push circuits and one minute skipping rope repeated 5 to 10 times or sprints on a sloping treadmill for 20 seconds then 60 seconds of rest repeated 8 to 12 times.

Day 2 – day centered on bodybuilding

Day 3 – mobility

Day 4 – strength + conditioning

Day 5 – active rest

” As you increase the intensity of your workouts, it’s important to recover both mentally and physically, ” says Marc Perry, founder of Built Lean. Stretch at the end of your workout, take some time for active rest like yoga or swimming and sleep 8 to 9 hours a night. It can really help you feel fresh when you increase the intensity of your workouts.

Day 6 – rest

Day 7 – tempo conditioning

You will not always get results by increasing weights. Adjust the length of your intervals, repetitions and sets (longer intervals and fewer sets or shorter intervals and more repetitions) to challenge your nervous system and muscles in different ways.

Bonus: Add a metabolic conditioning exercise at the end of the day, suggests Holder.

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