What Are Anti-Cellulite Treatments?

What Are Anti-Cellulite Treatments?

Depending on the type of cellulite, ask your doctor if you need local treatments (lymphatic drainage, aqua-drainage, massages, endermologie …), anti-cellulite surgery (liposuction, electrolipolysis…), or specific creams containing active principles…

What Are Anti-Cellulite Treatments

A healthy lifestyle also helps fight cellulite

Whenever possible, avoid stressful situations, such as delaying or imposing too many activities to manage. Do not put yourself under pressure! Also, respect your sleep time. These conditions are necessary for your body to function at full diet, i.e. to burn the foods consumed. Otherwise, your body will seek to protect itself by saving energy, or by spending it less!

Other steps to avoid cellulite: do not wear too tight clothes, heels too high and avoid tobacco.

Physical activity and sport are good allies in the fight against cellulite

The sport allows to correct some of the disorders of the blood circulation by better drainage and consequently to limit the retention of interstitial water, that is cellulite.

The sport also helps to better burn blood sugars and fats which are the direct products of digesting your food, as many nutrients as you will not store in body fat that promotes cellulite.

Moreover, sport is an excellent anti-stress which therefore promotes the elimination of cellulite.

Finally, the sport protects your muscle mass and restructures your silhouette at the expense of cellulite and body fat.

In conclusion

If you have localized cellulite associated with an overall fat overload, no treatment, practiced alone, can be effective. It is imperative that you correct your diet and your lifestyle while practicing enough physical activity.

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