What Exercises Do You Do To Lose Thighs Fat?

What Exercises Do You Do To Lose Thighs Fat ?

We will now see what exercises you can perform to have beautiful thighs.

What Exercises Do You Do To Lose Fat Thighs Fat

Before you begin these exercises, remember that you need to stretch and warm your body. Similarly, it is best to start slowly and do not make too many sets of movements at first, especially if you are not used to doing physical exercises. If your body feels tired, take a break immediately, if you feel that any part of your body is hurting you, stop exercising and see the next day if it’s better. You need enough patience to slim down this area of ​​the body.

Most of the exercises to lose hairs that we will detail below can be done with a cable or a specific training machine to add strength. Remember that toning a variety of muscles near this area will help you burn fat thighs.

In addition to a good workout, practiced with application, it is also important to make sure to try to reduce your caloric intake. Dietary control is extremely vital when you want to lose weight in this area. Indeed, without caloric restriction, the sports efforts are not enough to make you lose enough fat mass in the body.

Here are the exercises to lose thighs that we advise you to do. Make your selection according to your desires and physical forms:

1) Contraction

Lay on your back on a carpet on the floor. Leave your hands behind your head. Put one leg on a chair or bench and lift the other leg so that your 2 legs form a 90 ° angle. Peel off your upper part of the back of the floor and contract your abdominal part.

2) Pedaling

Lay on your back on a mat placed on a flat surface. Put your hands together (elbows glued to the floor). Lift your thighs and pedal your legs in the air as if you were cycling. Do this exercise for at least 5 minutes per day. This exercise will burn calories just as much as it will shrink your legs.

3) Leg lift with weights

Sit upright on a chair with a back. Put weights on your ankles. Lift one leg, then the other, then both. It is not only an exercise to slim down the legs but also a movement that will tone your legs, will strengthen the muscles of the belly. Make a small sets at the beginning (15 to 20 movements) then increase the number of sets with time.

4) Legs lift in the supine position

Lay sideways, stretch your legs and lift them 10 centimeters from the ground. Keep them glued to each other. Pause when both legs are at the top of the movement. Then slowly descend to the ground. Repeat this movement 5 times then change sides. Doing this exercise for 2 to 3 minutes a day (at the beginning) will do good to your legs. Gradually increase the duration up to 5 minutes per side (so 10 minutes in total) once you are used to exercise.

5) Legs extension

It sounds a bit like the previous movement but by taking off the 2 legs. Lay one side, keep one leg stuck to the floor and lift the other leg straight toward the ceiling (the toes showing the ceiling). Then lower the leg in the air slowly until it touches the one that is stuck to the ground, before slowly re-peeling it. This exercise will make thighs thinner by tightening their muscles. You can also attach a light weight to your leg that is in the air (safely since movement is slow).

6) Stability Ball (swiss ball)

This exercise is good because it strengthens your inner thighs. Lay on your back and lay your legs on the ground, slightly separated (at least the distance between the hips). Place a stability ball of 55 centimeters between the ankles of your legs, gently tighten the ball to put it in place. Release your hands next to you.

Then contract the abdominals, pull your spine to a neutral position and release your buttocks. Then without changing the alignment, press the stability ball between your legs and bend your knees, peeling the leg off the ground to align the knees with the hips. Your calves should be parallel to the floor.

Release, lower the stability ball to the ground, and put your legs straight, while keeping the lower part of the back in contact with the ground. Repeat the movements.

7) Treadmill running

If you have one, walk on a treadmill tilted at 15 °. Walking with these 15 ° slopes represents a huge difference with walking on a flat surface. The tilt makes walking significantly better both to lose weight and to target your legs (and buttocks) more directly.

Not all treadmills can be tilted, so ask for a tilting mat if possible. When tilted, walk for at least 25 minutes. Chances are that you hate it at first because it is not easy, but you will love the result once you have successfully lost weight.

8) Side Lunge

This is a very easy exercise to do. Stand with your feet apart from the same width as your hips. Keep your body straight. Take a step to the left, bend your knee. Push your left foot and return to the starting position. Now do the same on the right side. Repeat this routine 5 to 10 times on each side.

9) Ascension

Use your left foot to climb on an aerobic stepper or on a step of the stairs. You can also use a bench with a height equal to your knees for this exercise. Go back down, then go back up with your right foot. Repeat these movements 5 to 10 times on each side. To create a superior resistance, you can place a long dumbbell across your shoulders.

10) Walking lunge

Take a big step forward. Your front leg should bend at a 90 degree angle. The knee that is left behind should almost touch the ground. Pull up with your front leg and return to a standing position. Now go one step with your other leg and do the same. Repeat this step through the room. You can also do this exercise to lose the thighs more effectively by holding a long dumbbell on your shoulders in order to add more resistance.

11) Lying Straight leg Abduction With Loop

Lie on a bench, face facing down. Fold your legs to attract them to your buttocks. Making this movement with a cable attached to your feet works well too. Do several repetitions of these movements, until your hamstrings get tired. Firming these muscles will help you get nice gams too.

12) Hips adduction

This is a well-known exercise. Stand on your right foot. Lift your left foot to the side while keeping the rest of your body straight. Slowly bring your left foot down to the ground and cross it softly (without straining) with your right foot. Without touching the ground, return your left foot to its initial position and then repeat the movement. Take rest, then do the same with your right foot (keeping your balance this time on your left foot).

13) Good morning

This exercise is like a bow, it looks like the act of saying “hello” very politely in Asia. It is rather effective in making thighs thin. Stand with your feet together and your knees straight. While keeping your knees straight, tilt from the waist. Lean slightly forward to ensure that the hamstrings are used. Now return to the starting position, and do several repetitions.


14) This is not an exercise, but an advice

Most exercises that tighten the gluteus muscles can also tone the thighs.

We insist on the following point. You should consume healthy low-fat foods while doing these exercises regularly to speed up the loss of fat in your thighs, and firm them. After doing a workout, consider rehydrating yourself.

Also try to have fun during these exercises (you will find motivation, relevant reasons to do without sad and obligatory sessions, music can help you during the exercises), and your gams will give you pride!


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